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Vol. XXI No. 04
22 October 2023


Theya and Thessa

True Word Bible Fellowship, Cebu (Aug 17–19, 2023)

We thank God we could book the basketball court for this VBS for a more spacious space, but we were honestly a little sad that Bro Jude Gabales reported that there were only 14 children confirmed to come. We decided to go around the area the Sunday before the VBS week to talk to children and invite them to come. In Philippines, it is easy to spot children.

They are everywhere, and they like to play outside with their friends so it was not hard to look for them. Though most of them were willing and excited to join, there were some who could not confirm because their parents would not allow them. At the same time, we thank God for some mothers who willingly signed up their children.

Since the VBS there started on Thursday, Bro Jude was able to use Monday to Wednesday as a time to invite even more children. In the end, we thank God for bringing in a total of 67 children. Sis Gyzza taught the Preschool, Sis Thessa taught the Lowers, Sis Theya taught the Uppers, and Bro Johnnyrey Rivera Ebin taught not only the teens but also the parents who came to send their children. The children were quite a challenging bunch. In fact, Bro Jude warned us that they were very “sipat” (naughty and mischievous), and indeed they were. But at the same time, they could also be very lovable in that they would always greet us so excitedly and send us off with many, endless goodbyes.

We thank God for some church members from Christ BPC and Rev Mangco’s family who travelled with us early in the morning in order to avoid the city traffic jam to go and help us. Bro Jude was also very busy making multiple trips to fetch the children as well as the snacks. The Gospel Rally saw around 24 parents who came.

Golgotha BP Mission Church, Lourdes, Valencia (Aug 24–26, 2023)

What was challenging for this station was the communication since Lourdes is located up in the mountains. Because of that, the signal was not strong, and it was difficult to keep in touch with Pr Warly Sinonlay even as we prepared for the VBS by going down to the city to buy the necessary things. The many hiccups along the way — the sound system not working, the town hall that was not opened to lend us the chairs, some intruders who would suddenly play basketball while the VBS was ongoing — drove us to pray more and depend fully on the Lord. Indeed, there was no point where we could say we were prepared for VBS because there were always new and different challenges that would crop up. We could only trust in the Lord Who already knows what is ahead.

Sis Gyzza taught the Preschool with 13 children; Sis Thessa taught the Lowers with 33 children; Sis Theya taught the Uppers with 33 children; and Madam Patria Solidum with 5 teens — totalling to 84 children. We especially thank God for Mdm Pat who availed herself to teach in this VBS despite her age and sicknesses. She had cough at the time but pressed on and assured us that she would be alright. We were encouraged to do the same as we watched her faithfully serve the Lord. Some of the children’s mothers and grandmothers became impromptu assistants along with some members of Golgotha BP Mission Church. We thank God that the food was always enough for the children even as we extended the blessings to the mothers, grandmothers, and those who would suddenly pop out of nowhere because they saw there was food. There were around 25–30 parents who came for the Gospel Rally, and Pr Warly preached the Good News. We also thank God that a heavy downpour happened only after the VBS ended and not during. Even in these things, we saw God’s good hand.

Christlife BP Mission Church, Impasug-ong, Bukidnon (Aug 28, 2023)

Since school was re-opening on August 29th, we could only have a one-day VBS at Christlife BP Mission Church. It lasted from 8.00am to 2.30pm. Surprisingly, there were many teens who attended. A total of 52 children were present from all departments. Only two parables were taught (The Rich Man and The Justified Man) followed by the respective worksheets and crafts.

We thank God for the presence of Dr and Mrs Einstine Opiso who took the time to be there and offer help when we urgently needed it. They willingly went to buy the snacks and lunch and took documentation through photos. Pr and Mrs Mainit who assisted Pr Martinez Azores in Christlife BP Mission Church cooked and provided food as well. We thank God for these wonderful brethren.

Though it was only for one day, we thank God that we could still impart the full gospel both to the children and the parents afterwards during the Gospel Rally where Pr Azores preached. The children were also quick to warm up to us and sent us off with bittersweet goodbyes at the end of the VBS.

We truly praise God for the VBS’s which have been conducted in these various mission stations! The prayer, givings, and love of Christian brethren all around the world for this work had not been in vain. May the Lord see it fit to allow this ministry to continue until He returns!


Joycelyn Chng

We praise and thank God for the outing to Pasir Ris Park on Children’s Day, Oct 6, 2023. The Lord granted us fine weather as we gathered under a majestic tree and enjoyed the beauty of His creation all around us. We had the sea before us, the large expanse of green fields surrounding us and chickens roaming freely in the distance, which fascinated the children very much.

The outing kicked off with the singing of praises to God. After a time of prayer where we thanked God for the good weather, as well as prayed for those who were unable to join us because of sickness, sister Chew Ying taught the children from the Word of God. The children were exhorted from Psalm 31:19, “Oh how great is thy goodness, which thou hast laid up for them that fear thee; which thou hast wrought for them that trust in thee before the sons of men!” Through the story of the prophet Elisha’s ministry (2 Kings 2), the children were reminded to fear the Lord and to shun bad company lest they be emboldened to sin against God.

Following the Bible lesson, the children had fun at the playgrounds, as well as scooting and playing other games together. Such interactions present precious opportunities for the children to bond with their church friends and deepen their friendship.

After slightly more than an hour of play, we gathered back for a blessed time of fellowship over a picnic. We thank God for all who joyfully contributed food for the picnic. All praise, thanks and glory be unto God for blessing us with a wonderful time of physical and spiritual refreshment. May the Lord continue to keep and bless all our children, that they may always love Him, fear Him, shun the evil and obey His Word.

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