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Vol. XX No. 48
27 August 2023


The College reopened with a Day of Prayer on 17 July 2023 after a long term-break. It was good to see everyone back in school. One of the school’s alumni—Samuel Goh—now a student at Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary was the Lord’s messenger. He spoke from Psalm 51 and called on God’s people to confess their sins and get right with God. He said that Biblical propositions are important, but there needs to be godly practice as well. The lecturers and tutors and directors of the College who were present then gave their respective exhortations to the students.

The Lord has always provided for the College in her time of need. Mrs Irene Lim our beloved English tutor who had served most cheerfully and faithfully for 12 years decided to retire from teaching since age was catching up. She felt a younger person should take her place. We thank the Lord for moving Mr Aw Beng Teck, a member of True Life Bible-Presbyterian Church, to offer his expertise to the College. Brother Beng Teck comes highly qualified. He was an MOE education officer and has taught at various institutions (eg Open University, SIM, NIE, Singapore Polytechnic). He also taught a module on Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) at NUS Extension. Besides teaching, Beng Teck has extensive experience as a practitioner in writing and communications. He has worked in the publishing sector as a journalist, writer and editor. He then joined the East Asian Institute at the National University of Singapore where he edited working papers and reports which were submitted to the Singapore government. He later served as director with NUS Business School, and subsequently NEC, a Japanese MNC, to lead and strengthen teams in marketing communications, public relations and internal communications, among others. Beng Teck has a Master of Arts in English Language from the National University of Singapore and a bachelor’s degree in Literature and Linguistics from Victoria University, New Zealand. We thank the Lord for sending Beng Teck to FEBC, and we pray the students will learn much from him.

The Lord has also provided another clerk for FEBC in Ms Crayson Wong who just graduated from FEBC with her MDiv (she had earned a BTh previously in 2021). She will assist Ms Janet Lim who has been FEBC’s sole clerk for over two decades.

Thank God for the IT project team comprising Tan Sok Sin, Tan Weng Suan, Ian Goh, and Murray Ong (FEBC’s IT Manager) to identify the IT needs of FEBC and propose a plan to upgrade its IT systems. FEBC is currently seeking an experienced Application Developer to work with the IT Manager in the design, development, implementation, and maintenance of software applications used by staff and students. Pray for the right one to join us.

The lecturers/tutors (and courses) for the July to November 2023 semester are: Rev Dr Jeffrey Khoo (Life of Christ I, Heroes of the Reformation), Rev Dr Quek Suan Yew (Old Testament History I, Homiletics), Rev Dr Prabhudas Koshy (The Holy Spirit in the Old Testament), Rev Dr Koa Keng Woo (Bible Geography I, Cults III), Rev Stephen Khoo (1 Samuel), Rev Tan Kian Sing (Philippians), Rev Clement Chew (Hebrew Elementary I, Doctrine and Practice of Love), Miss Carol Lee (Youth Christian Education), Rev Zhu Jianwei (Westminster Standards [Chinese]), Pr Joshua Yong (Contemporary Theology III, Greek Reading I), Miss Joycelyn Chng (Christian School Administration), Pr Cornelius Koshy (Greek Elementary I), Pr Samuel Joseph (Westminster Standards, Greek Exegesis I), Miss Khoo May Lynn (Pianoforte), Mrs Patricia Joseph (English Intensive I), and Mr Aw Beng Teck (English Intermediate I/ English Advanced I [combined]).

Thirteen Basic Theology for Everyone courses are offered to the public on campus and online this semester—12 are livestreamed (Westminster Standards, Heroes of the Reformation, 1 Samuel, Cults III, The Holy Spirit in the Old Testament, Philippians, Contemporary Theology III, Doctrine and Practice of Love, Youth Christian Education, Old Testament History I, Westminster Standards [Chinese], Life of Christ I), and one is video-screened (Systematic Theology I: Theism).

Total enrolment in the January—April 2023 semester is 563: 33 fulltime residential students and 530 part-time/online students from 17 countries— Australia, Cambodia, China, Congo, India, Indonesia, Kenya, Korea, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Sierra Leone, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Tanzania, Thailand, and USA.

This semester, we have 11 new students: Damenangpynskhem Rani (India), Fredo Gatchalian Mendoza (Philippines), Jerinah Ged A Orgasan (Philippines), Maritus (Indonesia), Park Hakyoung (Korea), Park Juan (Korea), Rachel Leong (Singapore), Rini Sulfin Zamasi (Indonesia), Thang Sian Mung (Myanmar), Thian Za Mawi (Myanmar), and Zakharia Suhartono (Indonesia).

Pray for the FEBC Gospel Rally organised by the students coming up on Friday, 1 September 2023 at the FEBC Hall, 7.30pm. All are welcome (no church prayer meeting that night).


I want to express my gratitude to all the lecturers and pastors who have been lecturing the courses provided by FEBC.

It has been a blessing to me to be able to study many online courses conducted by FEBC over the past four years. The online lessons are very convenient, accessible at any time within each semester’s duration. Each of the courses is well substantiated with rich research materials. I truly enjoy the online courses as I am constrained by time to attend physical classes due to family commitments.

In the past, as a believer, I simply attended church services every Sunday with Bible studies, read the RPG and the whole Bible once through every year. But that did not yield much satisfaction and understanding to me. My thirst for God’s Word started my search for courses to deepen my knowledge and the Lord led me to enrol in the online courses conducted by FEBC in 2020.

Studying the books in the Bible and the doctrine and theology is an invaluable asset to me and I will continue with the study for my lifelong learning. It enriches my spiritual growth and strengthens my faith in the Lord. God’s Word is for our learning and admonition and correction. Understanding the Bible correctly is so important to my life, to have an introverted soul-searching exercise regularly is so needful for me to look into my heart to see where I was before God, checking whether I am walking right with the Lord, and when I have made mistakes, to repent and ask for forgiveness.

As I study the Bible, I also learn to continuously seek God’s leading to show me what to do and not do what is right in my own eyes. When I draw nigh to God, He draws nigh to me and blesses me doubly especially last semester when my hubby’s health condition was stable, allowing me to peacefully concentrate in all the six online classes. Praise the Lord!

With the Lord’s guidance, I have just enrolled for another five online courses this semester. Chor Eng

24th Church Anniversary

Dear Brethren,

Greetings in the blessed Name of our risen and soon coming Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

By the grace of God, Faith Presbyterian Church-Perth celebrates its 24th Anniversary on the Lord’s Day, 3 September 2023.

The 24th Church Anniversary Lord’s Day Service will be followed by a Fellowship Lunch.

By God’s grace we had a blessed mission trip to our beloved aboriginal brethren at the Junjuwa People’s Church at Fitzroy Crossing in the Kimberley, 11-14 August 2023. Ivan Toms drove his vehicle some 5,000 kms return trip with 250 kg of books, Bibles, RPG’s, F&F Magazines and other printed material. Robyn, Jayden and myself flew to Broome and only had an 8-hour drive to Fitzroy Crossing and return to Broome. We give thanks for the lives touched by God’s Word. Fitzroy Crossing was ravaged by floods earlier this year. Four of the ladies were students of whom I had the privilege of lecturing at the Aboriginal Bible College.

On Saturday 2nd September, Dr Jeffrey Khoo (DV) will be conducting an End Times Seminar at the Aboriginal Christian Church Training Centre. On Lord’s Day 3rd September, Dr Jeffrey Khoo (DV) will be preaching “Despise Not the Small” (Zech 4:10) at 18 Kerry St, Dianella at 10am.

Looking forward to hearing from you asap and thanking you for your encouragement in these incredibly momentous times. Please reply to

In His Service,
Rev Errol D Stone
Faith Presbyterian Church — Perth
18 August 2023

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