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Vol. XX No. 27
2 April 2023


Pastor Jeffrey Khoo

I thank the Lord for the time of fellowship with the brethren in Brisbane, Australia from 17 to 20 March 2023 on the occasion of the Brisbane BPC’s 16th and the Vietnamese BPC’s 9th Anniversary Thanksgivings. Rev Nguyen Gia Hien is the pastor of the two churches.

The anniversary programme began on Saturday with a Bible Seminar on the theme “Our Proper Attitudes While Living in the End Times” (1 Thess 4–5).

On the Lord’s Day, there were two services, the Vietnamese held at Inala Reformation Community Church and the English at St John’s Presbyterian Church. I spoke on “Do You Follow Holiness to See the Lord?” (Heb 12:14) and “Are You Fervent in Spirit, Serving the Lord?” (Rom 12:11) respectively, with interpretation into Vietnamese by Rev Hien. The day ended with a sumptuous dinner fellowship for all in the home of a church member.

I appreciate very much the kind hospitality of Rev and Mrs Hien when I stayed at their home. They are looking forward to joining us for our church camp in June. Please continue to pray for their son Timothy who is a student at FEBC.


Rev Errol Stone, Pastor of Faith Presbyterian Church, Perth, Australia

Rev Errol Stone, Eld Harold Watkins, and Eld Maaik Noordzy

Greetings in the blessed name of the risen and soon coming Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. It is by God’s grace that we press on with the ministry at Faith Presbyterian Church, Perth, Australia.

Since November 2022, most weeks have involved hospital visitations and funerals. I had the privilege of conducting a funeral service of John William Haythornthwaite (1 Oct 1938 – 14 Dec 2022) on Wednesday 21 December 2022 in Quairading. John was a lifelong friend and neighbour and asked me several years ago if I would conduct his funeral.

Elder and Georgina Watkins suffered a horrific accident on 6 November 2022 as the result of an object falling off a vehicle on Tonkin Highway. Both were sent to the State Trauma Unit in RPH. Due to Georgina’s critical condition, she was then moved to the ICU. Georgina was later transferred back to the State Trauma Unit for several days before Elder was transferred to the Armadale Hospital. I visited Elder Harold and Georgina on a daily basis, going between the State Trauma Unit in RPH and ICU in RPH, then out to Armadale. By God’s grace, Dr Maureen Tan, our church musician, works in the Emergency Ward at Armadale Hospital and was able to visit Elder Harold and Georgina after her shift.

Georgina was called home to the Lord on 8 December 2022. She was an amazing servant of God, the Treasurer of the church for many years, and ministered to the Ladies’ Fellowship. She was also a musician, a proof-reader of all of my writings, and more. Georgina was also a Justice of Peace (JP).

Elder Harold was very weak as a result of the traumatic accident, but he never missed a church service and never missed serving the Lord. By God’s grace, he had complete confidence knowing Georgina was safe with the Lord. He is now physically much stronger and continues to live on his own, with Silver Chain Care Providers visiting him in the home. Elder Harold is the first widower at Faith Presbyterian Church and our prayer is to have our next Men’s Fellowship meeting at his home. Elder Harold is thankful for all of the prayer support, Christian love and love gifts he has received. By the grace of God, Elder Harold is in his 18th year as an Elder.

Jim Laurenson (born 18 May 1928) went to be with the Lord on 12 December 2022, 30 minutes after Ivan Toms paid him a visit. Jim Laurenson was living at the Baptist Care facility at Gwelup. Jim ministered in the Faith & Freedom (F&F) Ministries Bookshop for the first four years of the ministry in Perth (2008–2012), Monday to Friday, 1pm-5pm. As an avid reader, Jim was also a researcher for the (bi-monthly) F&F Magazine.

Jim was a valuable member of Faith Presbyterian Church. In his will, Jim left a request and provision for me to conduct his funeral in New Zealand. They were opportunities to share the gospel. Whilst in New Zealand, Robyn and I spent several days visiting the four gravesites of my relatives associated with World War I.

As for Church ministries, we have been studying current topics on the End Times in our Bible Studies. The previous pulpit series was on the Providence of God. The current series is on the Book of Hebrews. Prayer Meetings are conducted online. I have been attending the True Life BPC “International Prayer Meetings” each Friday night on Zoom.

I give thanks to God for Elder Maaik Noordzy our Session representative, Richmond Go our choir conductor, Maureen Tan our pianist, and choir members Elder Maaik and Olivia Joy Noordzy, Chris and Dianne Lakay, Richmond and Kezia Go, and Ivan Toms. There is also the Ladies’ Fellowship, and Children’s Ministry which is under Dianne Lakay (Superintendent), Robyn Stone and Skye Noordzy. Kezia Go assists with the guitar music for the children when possible. Dr Maureen Tan continues to minister as the church musician along with Richmond and Kezia.

We give thanks to the Lord for the shipment of 28kgs of Read, Pray & Grow (RPG) (May–July 2023). The Aboriginal Bible College folks also appreciate the RPG.

Praise God for the Faith & Freedom magazine which is a record of contemporary Church History and contends for the Faith (Jude 3), with a strong stand on biblical separation against apostasy (2 Cor 6:14–7:1). The 83rd edition (April–May) will be the 5th edition of the 14th year of the F&F magazine and bookshop in Perth and 58 years since the time of its founding editor Rev John MacKenzie in Adelaide in 1965. The F&F magazine is globally distributed and appreciated by the faithful and discerning. Due to increasing expenses, we are encouraging people to receive it electronically. We give thanks for our proof-readers, and for Ivan Toms assisting as a researcher for the magazine. This ministry reaches out to many folks throughout Australia and beyond especially those without pastors. Dianne Lakay and Beith Veitch attend to the F&F Bookshop.

I will be 70 on 24 May 2023. I give thanks to the Lord for 48 years of marriage to Robyn. I give thanks for the prayers, support and encouragement of True Life BPC.


As we celebrate International Women’s Day,
We think of our mother straightaway.

Her responsibility started from our birth day,
Her love for us already on display.

She cares for us without delay,
Without given a salary or pay.

She looks after us every moment, every day,
Often going for long periods without a holiday.

Often our lack of love we display,
Much to her dismay.

Often our lack of love and care we betray,
Despite her giving us much leeway.

Often our gratitude is delayed,
As many a time we have strayed.

Even as we say thank you to our mother today,
She has done too much for us to repay.

For our well-being our mother will pray,
Her love for us will never go away.

Written by Yao Ho

“Christian upbringing paves the way to entrance into life everlasting, and ‘the son of a praying mother cannot be lost.’” (Timothy Tow)

Vietnamese Bible-Presbyterian Church, 9th Anniversary Thanksgiving, 2023

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