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Vol. XX No. 8
20 November 2022


God’s Outlaw is a biopic of William Tyndale, the 16th Century Oxbridge scholar and reformer who translated the Bible into English in the midst of great opposition by the Roman Catholic Church and King Henry VIII. Below are some of the students’ reflections on the movie screened at the College retreat in September 2022.

A Spiritual Awakening

William Tyndale had a great desire to have an English Bible translated from the original languages, Greek and Hebrew. It was for the spiritual awakening of the lay people who were still under the darkness of the Roman Catholic Church. He was not afraid of accusations of heresy, or of persecutions, death, or people who could only destroy his body. I am sure that Tyndale did not put his life in this translation work for fame or money. He simply desired that the Word of God, the light of the Gospel of Jesus Christ might shine into the hearts of sinners. I reflect on whether I am appreciating the Bible in my hands, and whether I have the same compassion and zeal for the lost souls who are ignorant of the Word of God. Will I die for the Word of God like William Tyndale? This film caused me to be encouraged in evangelism and to be self-reflective. Park Jong Hwi

Fear No Man but God

William Tyndale was a man of God whose life’s goal was to translate the Scriptures into English so that the common folks could come to know the Saviour. Even though it was a noble and godly task, it did not come without opposition. The Roman Catholic Church was at the height of its power during that time and the people feared the Church without question. Tyndale feared no one but God. Though there were times he wanted to give up, he never denied his faith, nor the calling God gave him. The understanding of God’s Word opened the eyes of many to the truth. It is time to hold fast to God’s Word, love and cherish it, and to live it out in my life. Tyndale saw the worth in every word of Scripture and was prepared to die for it. Thessa Lagapa

Zeal to Translate the Bible

William Tyndale’s life was so encouraging. He had a really great zeal to translate the Bible into English so that many people in England might know the truth of God’s Word. The Roman Catholic Church accused Tyndale of heresy because he preached the Word of truth and translated the Bible. The Catholic Church sentenced him to death and he was burned in front of many people. As a servant of God, we must pray that when persecution comes we must be willing also to give our life for the sake of the Word of God. Florante Cabanas

Pursue the Truth of God

William Tyndale was truly a man of faith. I was impressed by how he worked for the Word of God to be known in the right way to the English people. The people were deceived by the priests because they could not read the Bible for themselves for it was in Latin. God used a man like Tyndale to translate the Bible into English. He was persecuted and hated for doing what he had to do. Nevertheless, he pursued the right thing before God and never stopped doing His work. So, I am thankful for how I can read the King James Version of the Bible for its translators referred much to Tyndale’s translation of the Bible. All Christians, including myself, must pursue and keep the truth of God despite the hindrances from the enemies of God. Park Jong Eun

Be Prepared for Persecution

I thank God for the great privilege to know the story of William Tyndale. Tyndale faced persecutions, discouragements, and became one of the most wanted men in England and all of Europe. He died during that time for translating the Bible from Greek into English so that his fellow countrymen might know the truth. The question for us is: Are we also prepared to face persecution and even death for God and the Bible? The story of Tyndale motivated and encouraged me to preach and share the Gospel. Ricardo Mejedo

Never Take God’s Word for Granted

The movie was very encouraging to me for two reasons: (1) It taught me to be devoted to Christ and His Word no matter what. Here was a man, William Tyndale, who was willing to stand alone for Christ and His Word despite opposition and persecution. He knew very well it would cause him tremendous trouble and tribulation. Yet he was keen to do the blessed work of translating the whole Bible into English. (2) It taught me to value God’s Word that I have in my hands today. His translation was based on the Textus Receptus which also produced the King James Version (KJV). 80% of his translation was used by the KJV translators in the making of the KJV. That is why I am reminded to never take the Bible for granted, even the study of it. We must be so thankful that we have the English Bible in our hands today. Like the Psalmist, may we treasure God’s in our hearts (Ps 119:11) and make it our daily meditation (Ps 119:97). Jonathan Hendricks

Treating God’s Word with Reverence

I thank my God for giving me the opportunity to watch the movie where I am reminded of God’s sustaining grace for His children and seeing how He is preserving His inspired words throughout the ages. God’s power is always mysterious and no one can comprehend it. He showed His power in preserving and protecting the Bible by using such faithful men. As I continue to study God’s Word, I am encouraged to press on and to never treat God’s Word as an ordinary book, but rather as the Word of Life with much reverence for it comes from the Most High God. Maria Mae

To Study Hard the Original Languages

I am blessed by the privilege to study God’s Word in the original words of Greek and Hebrew here at Far Eastern Bible College. Tyndale’s example inspires me to press on despite the difficulties I am facing in my Greek studies this semester. Tyndale used his knowledge of Greek and Hebrew to translate the original words of the Bible into English. Likewise, I have the burden to study hard in my Greek classes so that I might be also able to translate the Bible into my own native language, God willing. Andrew Adolacion

Need to Work Hard for God’s Glory

I felt very encouraged by William Tyndale’s desire for God’s Word. He knew of the risks involved when he undertook the task of Bible translation. The tragic end of Tyndale may cause us to think that if Tyndale had not died, he could have been a mightier vessel for God. However, God’s will is the best. Tyndale has completed his job and he has found rest in the Lord. It is not the length of service that matters but our faithfulness during the years God has appointed for us. Jesus Himself worked hard and declared, “I must work the works of him that sent me, while it is day: the night cometh, when no man can work.” (John 9:4). I need to work hard for God’s glory. Crayson Wong

Doing Good to Those Who Do Bad to Us

Tyndale’s life made my faith stronger. Tyndale in his life was so faithful to God to defend the faith that salvation is only by faith in Christ alone and not by our good works. Through his life, I learned to be careful in choosing a friend, for he had a friend who betrayed him. Still he forgave him. How I must be like him to forgive people. Before Tyndale died, he prayed for the king of England who put him to death. I also learned to pray for those who do bad things to me. Glory be to God alone. Martin Siregar

Be Willing to Suffer for Christ

William Tyndale was an “outlaw” in his country because he believed that it was God’s will for the people of England to have the Bible in English. He suffered, lived a life of a fugitive, was tortured, betrayed, and finally died. His defiance was not in vain as evidenced in the King James Bible. The troubles and trials we face in the ministry today cannot be compared to what Tyndale went through. Christians today should treasure God’s Word and desire for others to read it as he did. Are we willing to be God’s outlaws for the cause of His Word? Theya Lagapa

Obeying God’s Calling

William Tyndale totally submitted to Jesus in obedience to the calling of God to translate the Holy Bible. Despite persecution, he continued to translate God’s Word and found printers to print it because he wanted people to know it. Now many people in the world can use the Holy Bible in English. Erniati Tabita

We Need Friends to Help Us

I was very much impressed with Tyndale’s life, the life that he had sacrificed to share and spread the translations of the Bible. I was amazed at how he had to give up everything to help the people in England to be able to read the Bible in English. Moreover, I was also amazed to see how God helped Tyndale in many ways, especially by giving him an appropriate helper. Tyndale was not alone in his mission. He had friends to go through the task with him. I should also ask God to give me such people. Lee Hasom

The Fruit of Martyrdom

William Tyndale confessed and contended for the Faith before the king of England and the pope of Rome. He declared the Truth and the Gospel even when it cost him his life. Nowadays, we experience much freedom in reading the Bible. This is the fruit of martyrdom of the Lord’s faithful one. Deccarlo Igot

Will I Be Brave for the Lord?

This is an inspiring and educational movie about a man of such strong faith, who was willing to walk through even the toughest of fires to dutifully carry out God’s Work. It helped me to appreciate the Bible more, that what I have so freely today is due to his brave and zealous efforts. It also made me reflect on my faith: would I be brave enough to carry out God’s work in the face of persecution and even death? This is a question worth thinking about, one that every Christian should ask himself. Tai Yan Yee

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