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Vol. XIX No. 50
11 September 2022


Dear Pastor,

By the grace of God and your prayers and cheerful love-gift support, we at New Life Student Centre (NLSC) are fine and doing well till today. Praise the Lord.

Thank God, those who were sick—my son and a girl student—have been healed and back home already, and they can eat and are no longer sick at all. Our God is really so good to us because God heard our cries and our deepest and earnest prayers in the time of our difficulties and hardships. Actually, they (my son and the girl) were very sick but God healed because of our prayers and by God’s grace and mercy, they have been healed. To God be the glory.

As you know, Myanmar’s schools were closed for two years already. Now the schools are opened again and I sent all the children to school and they are going to school happily because they want to study their school lessons since they already lost two years and are late by two years in their education.

We have some new students who are from very poor parents, or no parents, father died, mother died, and divorced parents.

Pastor, I did as you said that I should take more care of our premises. I keep the place clean and provide clean drinking water, buy new mosquito nets for the students.

Again, we at NLSC are so happy and thankful to the Lord and True Life BPC for your love, kindness, prayers and cheerful love gifts for the glory of God and for His kingdom’s sake. We at NLSC pray for you and for True Life BPC and FEBC always.

Yours in Christ,

Brother Thangno
Email: 27 July 2022

Dear Pastor,

I would like to tell you that a 13 year old boy from New Life Student Centre (NLSC) has gone to be with Christ today. We are very sad and sorrowful, and find it hard to believe. But we believe God is in control of everything.

The boy was sick yesterday morning. I went to the clinic with him and the doctor checked him and gave him medicine. He was quite fine until last night. His body temperature suddenly shot up very high early in the morning at 4.45am and sometimes he was unconscious. So we rushed him to the hospital. The doctors took X-rays of his brain and found that the temperature was so high that it has affected his brain. We went to three hospitals to try to save him but he went home to the Lord at 2pm.

Thank God that he had heard the Gospel of Christ since young and I strongly believe that he is saved even though he was not baptised yet. I strongly believe he is now with Jesus Christ in heaven. Please pray for us and his parents because it is a great loss to us and to his parents. And please pray for us as we prepare for his funeral etc. Please pray for us to be comforted by the Holy Spirit and to be strong in NLSC with God. Even though it is very hard to accept, I believe God is in control of everything. Thanks.

Yours in Christ,

Brother Thangno
Email: 8 August 2022

Dear Pastor,

Thank God today we can finish well the funeral of my student who had gone to be with the Lord. Thank God that many people came, and the weather was fine today. All the NLSC students went and sang a parting song for their friend at the funeral. I have attached some pictures of the funeral.

It is still very hard for us to accept and believe it. But we do believe that God is in charge of everything and we always trust God’s ways. Please pray for us at NLSC to move on and serve the Lord more than ever. Thanks.

We at NLSC pray for you and True Life and FEBC always.

Yours in Christ,

Brother Thangno
Email: 20 August 2022

Dear Pastor,

Firstly, I would like to share my deepest feelings concerning the homegoing of the student boy Pau Sian Kop. I was really sad, very sorry, very upset because I never faced such a thing in NLSC since 1999. But it is God’s appointment for us. So I have to accept it. Actually it is very difficult and hard to accept. My mind, my spirit, and my body are very weak and very heavy because of this. But now all my trust is in the Lord. My mind, my spirit, and my body are slowly becoming better and strong. That is why I can email to you now. Actually I need your encouragement and encouraging words to me.

Thank God, I love the students at NLSC more than before and I must serve the Lord more than before, with all my strength and all my mind for the glory of God and for the kingdom of God. Please pray more for me and for NLSC to be more fruitful and to be running well, better than before.

Lastly, I would like to thank the Lord and to True Life BPC for your love, kindness, prayer and cheerful love gifts to NLSC for the glory of God and for the kingdom of God until today. To God be the glory.

We at NLSC always pray for you and for True Life BPC and FEBC.

Yours in Christ,

Brother Thangno
New Life Student Centre
Yangon, Myanmar
Email: 28 August 2022

Pastor’s Reply

Dear Thangno

I know how you feel. We have been praying for you and NLSC. As you said rightly, “God is in control.” Romans 8:28, “And we knowthat all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.” Perhaps the Lord allows this to happen so that the children/students will consecrate their lives to God and truly believe in Jesus and serve Him. God bless.


In the very early days in America many children could not afford to go to school and so many of them grew up not being able to read or write.

One young boy aged seventeen, who had grown up in a remote and rugged part of the country as a plough-boy, decided that he would go to a town and obtain an education.

He arrived at a college one morning. The Principal, who was reading in his office, was surprised when in walked this rough youth. His shoes and clothes were old and tattered. When he took off his tattered hat, it revealed hair which had hardly ever been combed, and an intense look on his face.

The Principal, who was a kind and gracious man, inquired what he wanted. “If you please, Sir,” stuttered the boy with his rough country voice. “If you please, Sir, I’d like to get some education. I heard you had a college in these parts and I thought that if I could do some work for you, you would help me to get some education.”

“Well, my young friend,” replied the Principal, “I cannot see any way in which you might be useful to us. Your request is very unusual.”

“But I can cut wood, clean floors, dig the garden,” interrupted the boy, his eyes flashing with earnestness. “I want to get an education, I want to make something of myself. I don’t care how hard I work, as long as I get an education. I want…” He paused, not really knowing what to say, but his anxious manner appealed to the Principal.

Seeking to really test his sincerity and determination, the Principal replied, “I am afraid, my young friend, I can do nothing for you. I would be willing to help you, but I see no way in which you can be helpful to us at the present time.” Then he continued to read his book.

The boy stood in silence, holding the handle of the door. His other hand fingered his rough hat, his eyes were cast down, and his lips quivered with disappointment, tears rolling down his sunburnt cheeks.

He quietly bowed and turned away to open the door. He was halfway across the threshold, when the Principal called him back. He was immediately hired as a handyman of the college, where he was able to attend classes and gain an education.

The boy worked and studied hard. He also came to a true faith in Jesus Christ. Later he graduated, then went on to study to be a minister of the gospel.

He became a faithful and much loved preacher, and his ministry was greatly blessed. Through diligence, and God’s blessing, the rough, uneducated ploughboy became an able minister of Christ.

[Source: R Cameron Smith, Saved in the Icy Waters and Fifty Other Stories, published by Southern Presbyterian Church of Australia, 1999–2004.]

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