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Vol. XIX No. 16
16 January 2022


The Far Eastern Bible College (FEBC) sends out its students for door to door or street evangelism every Wednesday afternoon as part of its practical curriculum. This has been the practice since the beginning, but due to Covid-19 pandemic and ensuing restrictions we have been conducting “virtual evangelism” instead. Anyway, the College’s outreach in the past has yielded some good fruits. Here are a couple of testimonies of those who got saved through her Wednesday evangelism:

Testimony of Soh Kah Hong

Coming from an unbelieving family, I have to thank God for His grace and mercy, that I am able to have the opportunity to attend my very first FEBC course which I never thought I would have the chance to. Finishing the weekly lessons were difficult, not because of time constraint, but because of my unbelieving family members. I will make sure that my door is closed, and preferably my family members were not at home; every Friday night was the only time I could complete each week’s lesson safely, without fear of getting caught by them. Admonishments and not-so-nice words were the only thing that came out of my family’s mouths, whenever they noticed me practicing my faith: giving grace before a meal, reading the Bible or simply watching the Church’s sermon livestream. However, the Lord’s Word comforted me every single time, as He hath said in Romans 9:33 “As it is written, Behold, I lay in Sion a stumblingstone and rock of offence: and whosoever believeth on him shall not be ashamed.” I thank God that throughout this course, He has given me the strength and courage to defend the faith and the truth, and even as I face my family members, I will always remember Hebrews 13:6 “So that we may boldly say, The Lord is my helper, and I will not fear what man shall do unto me.”

Before this course, what I knew about the faith was very superficial and shallow, but the first week’s lesson finally assured and gave me the confidence in the faith. “Christian”, this word has hitherto been used very loosely, to apply to anyone who claims to believe in the Gospel, and who has accepted Christ as Lord and as saviour. “We are Christians”, hath said the Catholics. “We too are Christians!” said the Charismatics too. “We are also Christians”, we proudly proclaim. Indeed, to an unbeliever, we are clumped together as one Christ-believing group of people, called Christians. Worshipping idols, having a rock concert every worship service, are what these “Christians” so called, believe can save them. Surely, they cannot be further from the truth. Matthew 24:24, “For there shall arise false Christs, and false prophets, and shall shew great signs and wonders; insomuch that, if it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect.” I thank God once again that the Gospel that was preached to me years ago by the FEBC doorstep evangelism is the only one that can save a sinner from eternal damnation. “You are a Christian right? Why not join our worship this Sunday! There will be a concert with rock singers, and even a splendid buffet!” I hear this every so often from many Charismatic classmates around me, where they dilute a God-centred, sanctified service to one of carnality, where they please men. Surely these are not the only differences in our faith. If a Catholic/Charismatic/Mormon/Jehovah’s Witness comes to me, I can now safely discern between our doctrines and be rooted to the truth.

Back then, whenever I was met with trials or adversities, I would always become lost. Then, as I looked upon the Lord in prayer, I would cry out “Father, why has this happened to me?” I pondered day and night and could not understand what good those trials had brought me. Then, God answered these doubts I had through this course, and this was when I learned about the will of God. Everything that happens, is according to the will of the Lord. My foolish self could not recognise the feebleness of my tiny mind and the infinite wisdom of the most high. Isaiah 55:8–9 is a reminder from God to us, that we should trust the Lord with all our heart, knowing that with His great wisdom that our finite mind cannot fathom, whatever He has planned for us, is as perfect as it can be.

“The Bible has mistakes!” is sadly what many modernists and neo-evangelicals claim. To unbelievers, this statement might not mean much, but to us followers of Christ, who base our entire faith and practice on the Holy Scripture, this statement is a gross heresy. On what basis do we claim that the Bible has mistakes? Based on man’s wisdom? Or do we trust in God’s promise? “Smart” and “intelligent” men so called have repeatedly attacked the infallibility of the Bible, insomuch as to affect negatively some Christians who hold on to this view. I thank God that His promise has comforted and assured me that His words will be preserved and kept pure throughout the ages as Psalm 12:6–7 has clearly taught us. Back then, the inerrancy and the infallibility of the Bible was not something that I thought much about. However, this course opened my eyes to the importance of this doctrine as well as the twin doctrines of VPI (Verbal Plenary Inspiration) and VPP (Verbal Plenary Preservation). Without them, our entire faith and practice would collapse; therefore we thank God for these comforting promises. Now, as often as I flip through the Bible, my faith and trust in God’s Word have become more and more strengthened. To think that I have in my hand, the exact inspired words of our Creator, our God who is sovereign, is both incredible and comforting. I therefore thank God for His revelation through the Bible, that we are able to enjoy and lean upon His words.

Lastly, I thank God once again that I am able to sit here, to write this testimony in peace and joy, knowing that the Lord is my shepherd and I shall not want. The course has truly allowed me to grow and mature spiritually, teaching me and helping me understand who the God of the Bible really is, and to help me grasp the goodness of the Lord. Indeed the Lord has been merciful to me, that even as I cope with my schoolwork and do all these in the environment of an unbelieving family, I have successfully persevered until the end of this course. God willing I will take up another FEBC course next year. I thank you Rev Jeffrey Khoo also for your teaching of God’s Word and the occasional light-hearted jokes. Romans 8:28, “And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.” [A testimony submitted for the course on Systematic Theology I: Theism last semester.]

Testimony of Gregonia Garcia

I am Gregonia Garcia from Maunong, Calamba City, Laguna. Both of my parents are Roman Catholics. I grew up worshipping idols. We worship and pray according to how we were brought up. Although we seldom go together to church, we lived in relative peace despite the hardships. We believed in our hearts that there is a God who will always help us in our lives. Seldom did my father and mother go to church but we learned from them how to live with kindness, patience, how to care for others and help those who are in need. We believed the Lord Jesus Christ died to save mankind from sin but we did not know what is true salvation and the truth. We lacked understanding and we did not know what to do in order to be saved from sin.

It was in 1990 that I had my own family. It was at this time that I experienced how to strive to support my own family. God tested me and my patience through the sufferings and trials that I had experienced. Life was hard as we had four children to take care of and to send to school. It was in 2011 that I started to apply for work abroad as a domestic helper. In 2012, fortunately I came to Singapore. It was here that I felt so much tiredness of the body, stress in the mind and was depressed emotionally as I was away from my whole family. Seven years passed by and I experienced pure hardships of heart and mind that I felt depressed and always stressed. In 2018, I started thinking that I should join a Bible study, a Catholic Bible study. But some days later, there were young students from the Far Eastern Bible College (FEBC) evangelizing and sharing the Gospel. They asked me if I can talk to them though I was busy with my work. I did not take them for granted but joined them by their invitation.

It was in the end of 2018 that I started joining the Filipino Bible Fellowship, and for the first time I had the chance to join the Fellowship. I heard the good news of the Lord and my feelings were lightened. I thank the Lord for His help and the help of those people whom He used so that I might be drawn closer to God, to ask for forgiveness and repent of my sins. It is indeed true that all things that happen in our lives always have a reason. I believe that everything happened according to God’s plan in my life. I am thankful to God that I came to know the truth and the right way in order to be saved from my sins and that I may be drawn closer to Him my Lord Jesus Christ. I truly believe in our Lord Jesus Christ who died because of our sins.

Our Lord Jesus Christ is the only Saviour of mankind. I want to know more about Him without any persuasions from other people. I just follow the desires of my innermost feeling, because only in Him I can trust all that happens in my life for He will not leave me. And now, I have found peace in Him, and I have serenity in my heart and mind. I believe that all of the trials that I will experience, He will not give to me if I am not able to bear them. He wants us to learn from our mistakes. Now I am ready to face the future because I know every time I have difficult times, He is always there to guide. I am thankful to God that until now I still continue to attend the Fellowship in order to be with those people who have become part of my life. I pray to the Lord that He will help my husband and my children together with my loved ones to have spiritual life and to believe in the Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. [A testimony published in the FilBF Weekly, 2 January 2022.]

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