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Vol. XVIII No. 41
11 July 2021


July 19 – November 12, 2021

  1. Twelve courses are offered online to the laity/public in the new semester commencing 19 July 2021.
  2. Day/Night classes will be via live stream and the videos will remain online after that for those unable to take the classes as scheduled.
  3. All who wish to take the classes whether for credit or audit must register online at

DAY CLASSES (live stream)

Rev Dr Jose Lagapa
DVM, PhD, MDiv, ThM, ThD
Mondays (starting July 26)
9.30–11.30am, 2 credits

This course introduces students to the biblical basis of Christian missions. It is a study of missions and church growth principles in the light of the Bible-Presbyterian movement. It analyses modern issues in missions and cultivates a passion to fulfil Christ’s Great Commission to the Church.

Rev Dr Prabhudas Koshy
BSc, BTh, MDiv, ThM, ThD
Wednesdays (starting July 21) 10.30am–12.30pm, 2 credits

This course provides students with a proper understanding of the nature, function, and purpose of the divine covenants in the Bible. In the divine covenants, we find the unifying principles of the Bible, and in understanding them we see the continuity of God’s redemptive plan for man.

Rev Tan Kian Sing
BEng, GDBA, MDiv
Thursdays (starting July 22)
9.30–11.30am, 2 credits

This course will study 1 Timothy in depth to discover its biblical and theological truths and apply these truths to the church today.

Rev Clement Chew
BSc, MDiv, ThM

Mondays & Thursdays (starting July 22) 11.30am–12.30pm, 2 credits

This course seeks to understand what the worship of God is in the light of Scripture and to address the modern confusion as to what constitutes true worship so that God’s people might render acceptable worship to God.

Joshua Yong
BRE, MDiv, ThM
Fridays (starting July 23)
9.30–10.30am, 1 credit

This course examines the Charismatic movement—its origin, doctrines and practices—in the light of Scripture.

Eileen Chee
BA, MDiv
Fridays (starting July 23)
11.30am–12.30pm, 1 credit

As Bible-believing Christians we should be interested in God’s plan for modern Israel. This course will study the Jewish Diaspora, the Zionist movement, the rebirth of Israel and her struggle to nationhood, and how the events in Israel today point to the soon return of Christ.

NIGHT CLASSES (live stream)

Rev Dr Quek Suan Yew
BArch, BTh, MDiv, STM, ThD
Mondays (starting July 19)
7.30–9.30pm, 2 credits

This course will study 2 Chronicles in depth to discover its biblical and theological truths and apply these truths to the church today.

Rev Dr Jeffrey Khoo
BTh, MDiv, STM, PhD
Thursdays (starting July 22)
7.30–9.30pm, 2 credits

In this course, we shall study about life and death, and life after death. As human beings, we are made up of body and soul. What happens to our body and our soul when we die? If there is a heaven, where is it and what is it like? If there is a hell, then where is it and what is it like? All the answers are found in God’s Word.

Rev Zhu Jianwei
BTh, MDiv, ThM
Wednesdays (starting July 21)
7.30–9.30pm, 2 credits

Biblical Soteriology is the study of the person of Christ, His deity and His humanity, the doctrine and the application of the atonement, and the Church and the sacraments.

BTh, MDiv, ThM


ONLINE COURSES (video lectures)

Rev Dr Jeffrey Khoo
BTh, MDiv, ThM, PhD

This course is a study of the nature and attributes of God, the evidences for the existence of God, the doctrine of the Trinity, the works of God, the decrees of God, and the meaning of the divine inspiration and preservation of the Bible. 2 credits.

Rev Dr Quek Suan Yew
BArch, BTh, MDiv, STM, ThD

This course is an introduction to Bible study tools and basic principles of Bible interpretation. The historical-grammatical-canonical method of interpretation is taught. 2 credits.

Dr John C Whitcomb
BA, BD, ThM, ThD

This course is an introduction to historical apologetical methods with an emphasis on the modern period and the exegetical and theological superiority of presuppositionalism. 2 credits.


Certificate of Religious Knowledge (CertRK)

The CertRK is a Bible study programme at the basic level. The successful completion of 20 credits earns the CertRK.

Certificate of Biblical Studies (CertBS)

The CertBS is a Bible study programme at the advanced level. The successful completion of 40 credits (or 20 credits beyond the CertRK) earns the CertBS.


  1. Please register for your courses online at
  2. Registration closes on August 1, 2021, 11.59pm.
  3. For any enquiries, please email


Rev Dr Timothy Tow

What is scholarship? Here’s some encouragement to my students from a reflection of Confucius’ observation on filial piety, “If a man withdraws his mind from lust for beauty, and applies it as sincerely to the love of the virtuous, if in serving his parents he can exert his utmost strength, if in serving his prince he can devote his life, if in the intercourse with his friends, his words are sincere – although men say that he has not learned, I will certainly say that he has.” So, pardon my saying, “If a student is industrious and not lazy and loves his God with a fervent heart, and respects his teachers and can live peaceably with his roommates and discharge his duties meticulously, though men say he not having earned a degree is not learned, I will certainly say that he is.”

In FEBC’s 30th Anniversary Magazine the principal had earlier observed, “Not every degree or diploma holder, however, is qualified, but some who studied less in point of time are become more profitable servants.” Sad to say, I can see before my mental eyes two degree holders who have petered out by learning from a haughty master. Good that they came not on Graduation Day to receive their degrees. Another who also absented himself from the Convocation is now sunk in oblivion. Learning without inculcation of moral values is monstrous failure. God puts them in a corner. (Source: Life Weekly, 16 May 1993)

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