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Vol. XVIII No. 35
30 May 2021


The Lord Is Good
Nguyen Ngoc Thien Kim

My name is Thien Kim. I come from Vietnam. First of all, I want to thank God for being good to me and seeing me through my three years of studies in Far Eastern Bible College (FEBC). Truly, it is only by His help, grace, and mercy that I am able to stand here tonight. Indeed, I am so thankful to Him for bringing me to FEBC. At first, when I could not see His purpose for me, I kept complaining and blaming Him for all the bad things that happened during these three years. I cannot count how many times I wanted to give up. But I thank God that He is so patient to forgive, keep, and strengthen me to continue on each time. I believe that without coming to FEBC, I will never see how weak, how proud I am, and how much I need Him. Yes, the journey here was tough and very difficult in many ways but the Lord is good and He has granted me many blessings which I think I could not have found anywhere else. For this, I praise and thank God.

Secondly, I would like to say thank you to the Principal, all the lecturers and staff for teaching me the faithful Word of God and supporting me. Thank you for all your good examples of service to God in truth, humility, and sincerity. I pray that God will continue to keep you all in good health and strength as well as grant you many more years to serve Him so that many will be blessed.

Thirdly, I would like to say thank you to Mrs Tow. Thank you for teaching me how to live as a child of God and helping me to be stronger spiritually, emotionally, and physically. Thank you for always remembering and asking about my grandma. It touches me so much when you do it. I pray that God will continue to keep you both strong and healthy, and give you the happiness in the Lord.

Fourthly, I would like to say thank you to Berean Bible-Presbyterian Church. I thank God for all their support, not just financially, but spiritually as well. I thank God for all their prayers for me and for the time of fellowship that we had. Thank you for encouraging and rebuking me by God’s Word and thank you for your love, care, and hard work to support me. I pray that God will continue to bless and watch over all of you.

Fifthly, I would like to say thank you to all of you my friends in FEBC. Thank you for your help, listening ears, encouragements, rebukes, and sharings. I am so sorry for the times that I was not a good testimony, and I thank you for forgiving me. I thank God and enjoyed all the times that we had together. As a student body, we see, understand and pray for one another’s struggles. Not only that, but we also grow together in the Lord through all the experiences of God’s mercy and goodness towards us again and again. Thank you for supporting me every time I cook Vietnamese food. I am very happy that most of you like it. Some of you said that you will miss it.

Lastly, I would like to request for your prayers. As I plan to go back to my country, please pray that God will open the way for me and that He will use me and help me to be faithful to serve Him until the end.

Thank you very much and I will miss all of you! To God be the glory!

By God’s Grace and Mercy
Angela Park Jong Hwi

It is truly by God’s grace and mercy that I was able to go through these four and a half years of study. So, most of all, I would like to thank God for everything.

When I look back, when I first came to FEBC, I was a professing Christian, I did not even realize that I am a great sinner before God. With that mindset, I spent the first few semesters without thinking about my spiritual condition. I just wanted to finish my time here and quickly go home. But by God’s grace, through the intense and faithful teaching of God’s Word in FEBC, I get to know that I am a great sinner and Jesus Christ is my personal Lord and Saviour. I do not know when exactly this happened, but I know that it happened within these four and a half years. After being God’s child, I began to learn God’s Word and about my Saviour with a willing and loving heart; my life in FEBC became a blessing to me. Looking back, I know that everything was under God’s providence.

I thank God for all the lecturers in FEBC. God’s Word taught by lecturers and their life testimonies have had a good impact on my life, on the growth of knowledge of God’s Word and faith. There is not enough time to thank everyone, but I want to mention some particularly. I thank Dr Khoo, who allowed me to enroll in this college and patiently taught me with love and kindness. Also, I thank Mrs. Tow who taught me how a Christian should live and how to do a better job in my duties, especially cooking.

I thank God for all the staff in FEBC. Their faithful labor for FEBC and the glory of God taught me to do likewise in serving the Lord. Thank God for their good examples.

I thank God for True Life Bible Presbyterian Church for spiritually and financially supporting me thus far and praying for me. Her supports are never small. Also, I thank True Life for granting me the opportunities to serve in assisting Sunday schools, participating in choir, and helping Korean members.

Lastly, I want to thank God for all my friends in FEBC and out of FEBC who prayed for me, instructed me, and encouraged me as brothers and sisters in Christ to be a better witness for Christ.

After such a blessed period of studies, God willing I will graduate this Lord’s Day. I hope I have grown up in many areas, especially in faith. Please forgive my shortcomings and pray for me to be a better Christian. God willing, I will do further studies in FEBC. Please pray for this also. All glory to God.

God Providentially Guided Me
Crisa Jane G Zagado

I remember four years ago, by the grace of God, I received His call of service and to be trained. God providentially guided me to this school of prophets which I never thought would be made possible. But here I am, reaching the end of my final semester, all by the grace of God. I cannot explain the feeling I have now. Four years ago, I was giving my testimony on the day of prayer (17 July 2017), and now declaring to all of you how God is the King of all the earth for His presence is indeed real to me. He is a good Shepherd who provides for all my needs so that His will for my life will step by step be fulfilled. Definitely it is the Lord who directs my steps. So I am thankful to God for how He showed His loving care towards me through these following people.

I thank God for the Principal, Dr Jeffrey Khoo and the board of directors who answered the call of God to accept me to study in this school. I am a stranger to them but I thank God through the Lord Jesus they counted me as family. I thank God for the hard work of the administrative personnel who processed my papers for my coming in and going out.

I thank the Lord for the church who supported me all throughout these years, the True-Life Bible Presbyterian Church. Through their love and generosity, I never experienced any lack. I thank God for the sweet communion in the Filipino Bible Fellowship and witnessed the amazing grace of the Lord to all the Filipinos here. I am really grateful for other brethren even from other BP churches for their constant prayers and encouragements in the Lord not just for me, but for all the FEBC students.

I praise the Lord for all the FEBC lecturers for their faithful preaching and teaching of God’s inspired and preserved Word. I thank God that through His grace and mercy, they were able to teach us with boldness and conviction semester after semester. I praise God that I am not just learning through their words but also by their lives as I observe them from afar. I thank God for granting them wisdom on how the courses were well-prepared and offered because every lesson is very timely. It helped my walk with the Lord, to see that we need His daily grace and mercy to overcome sins.

Not forgetting the food, I thank God for the variety of spicy (but not all the time) and delicious food which I am addicted to already. It is all because of their love for God and His people. I thank God for our matron Mrs Tow who loves the ministry of feeding God’s people and her concern for our health; likewise for her discipline in the Lord which is sometimes painful but I believe it is done out of love. Along with her, I thank God for sisters Eileen and May Lynn and ate (“elder sister”) Wella in cooking for us and guiding us in our duties. Also, for Mrs Khoo, who had been so hands-on in watching over us especially from the start of the pandemic. I thank God for her zeal and love towards God’s children that though she was unwell, she never let it hinder her from serving God.

Last but not the least, I thank God for my family for their love and support in prayers. Thank God for using them as an instrument to guide me in the strait and narrow way. Also, for my home-church for their unfailing prayers and care as well.

How can I forget my FEBC friends! The Lord knows how I treasure all of you. The Lord really taught me in many areas of my life by knowing your journey with the Lord. We all have ups and downs. I believe there were times that I showed displeasing manners, but I thank the Lord we are still able to forgive, love, laugh, cry, and praise the Lord in prayers, in psalms and even doing the duties together and eating together as unto the Lord. I will miss all those precious moments.

I may not be able to mention everyone and thank you all personally. But I truly praise the Lord. It is the Lord who will bless you accordingly. Now, I ask that you will continue to pray for us, especially for those who will be going back home, Lord willing. Pray that we will be faithful to the Lord by upholding the truth, not to compromise neither apostatize but to earnestly contend for the faith. To God be all the glory and honour!

FEBC’s degree graduates (Class of 2021) with Principal Jeffrey Khoo and Matron Ivy Tow

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