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Vol. XVIII No. 30
25 April 2021


He Makes No Mistakes

Since young, my father brought my siblings and me to attend the Telok Ayer Chinese Methodist Church. Father was a second generation Christian. He taught us to pray before mealtime and before bedtime. A prayer which he often said in Hokkien stayed with me till now. He would often tell us Bible stories and sing children’s hymns to us. I remember he often sang this hymn, “Jesus loves me this I know”. Later on I received Christ as my personal Lord and Saviour and was baptised in that church during my teens.

As I moved on in life, the cares of the world crept in and pulled me away from the Lord. But God will never forsake me; He will always remember His own. I thank God for His grace and mercy towards me though many a time I have sinned against Him. But God is faithful and just to forgive me of my sins and to cleanse me from all unrighteousness (1 John 1:9). He has brought me through trials, chastisements and difficult moments in my life. I am very thankful and grateful for His unfailing love towards me. I believe and trust in my sovereign God that all things work together for good and all things are in His control for He makes no mistakes (Rom 8:28).

I thank the Lord for leading me to True Life BP Church in 2006. Thank God for His Word that is faithfully preached every week. My soul was refreshed and nourished with His living Word. I am most grateful to the Lord for giving me the desire and the urgency to study His Word, for His Word is “a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path” (Ps 119:105). As time is not on our side, and since the Lord’s coming is nearer than we think, there’s this urgency to know His Word so as “to walk circumspectly, not as fools, but as wise, redeeming the time, because the days are evil” (Eph 5:15–16); “Holding forth the word of life; that I may rejoice in the day of Christ, that I have not run in vain, neither laboured in vain.” (Phil 2:16). All praise and glory to His name.Priscilla Lin

He Leads Me

I was born in Kemaman, a small town in Terengganu, Malaysia. I attended Sunday School in Kemaman. Thank God for sending His messengers from Singapore every Friday to minister to us there. Thank God for leading me to know Him as my personal Saviour in my younger days. Romans 3:23 says, “For all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God”. Thank God for saving my sisters, my mother, even my late father before he left us to the heavenly home.

I continued my tertiary studies in Kuala Lumpur and attended Calvary Jaya Fellowship after I completed my secondary school education. Thank God for providing me with a job in KL. I worked in KL for six years before I decided to find a job in Singapore. Thank God for directing me in each step of my life.

My heart was so heavy and I was not sure whether it was God’s will for me to leave my family to work in Singapore. At that time, I was not having peace at my previous workplace due to certain circumstances. After praying and searching the Scriptures for some time, I had peace in my heart. I commit everything to God.

Thank God for helping me to settle myself well at the new workplace. Thank God for granting me the wisdom and strength in coping with my heavy workload so that I need not neglect prayer meeting and FEBC night classes. Psalm 46:1 says, “God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble.” May God help me and guide me so that everything I do will bring glory to Him. “Therefore, my beloved brethren, be ye stedfast, unmoveable, always abounding in the work of the Lord, forasmuch as ye know that your labour is not in vain in the Lord.” (1 Cor 15:58). Mei Foong

He Has a Plan for Me

I grew up in a family where going to church was a given, once a week. At church, I was taught about Christianity and moral values. At the same time, the curriculum in my secondary school required me to attend Bible study classes at the beginning of each school week after lessons at school. With this background, it was a given that I grew up knowing we were sinners and that Christ was our source of redemption from the consequences of sin.

As for myself, I was blessed with a calling being baptized at birth. Since then, especially through years of continuous prayers, my faith in Christ has not wavered despite undergoing several trials of life. The faith that God has a plan for all of us has kept me strong.

I first came to become truly aware of Christ when I was about 6 years old, when my parents started bringing me to attend Sunday service. I had no choice but to attend Sunday School and the morning service. Through the service and Sunday lessons at the church, I learned of God and His love. I continued to grow in Christ and learned His will for me. Life after knowing Christ for me was about keeping the faith and praying to seek strength and guidance to face life’s many challenges. Larence

He Provides for Me

I was born into a Christian family and attended Life BP Church ever since I could remember. As a child, I would attend Sunday School and children’s choir while my parents and grandma attended church service. I believe in God, believe that Jesus died for me, and it is only through Him that I am saved. With this belief, I was encouraged to get baptised when I was in primary school which I did.

This faith, personal relationship with God, understanding and knowledge of Him through the Bible, grew as I got older. This was helped through the reading and studying of His Word, which was made easier with online resources, various personal experiences as well as guidance and interactions with friends. Throughout my life, probably more so as I got older, I have always felt God working in my life, being with me, guiding me and providing for me. He has been very gracious to me and I am thankful every day.

I can share some examples of the awesome things He has done for me in my life and how I know He is there for me and how great He is. One of the greatest gifts He gave me is peace. Matthew 6:26 is one of my favourite verses. I believe that besides His words, God gave me such a disposition to be relaxed and worry free. I fully believe that God would take care and provide for me. Everything He does is for my benefit even if I do not see it at this point of time. With this belief, my life has always been peaceful and not weighed down by burdens. This is supported by God’s provision of a strong infrastructure for me. He gave me a very supportive and enabling family and a very supportive and reliable friends-network. Whenever I needed something, it would be provided. Even when I didn’t think I needed anything, something would come along to show my lack. My life is really great because God gave it to me. I am extremely thankful!

When I was in Australia for 9 years, admittedly, I did not attend church frequently. However, I believe that God still reached out and gave me a friend I needed. This friend was doing his master’s in an office next to mine and I just happened to bump into him which kicked off our friendship. He was a British man, who happened to have studied at FEBC 20 years ago and sitting next to me in university. I do not believe it was based on chance. This friend had extremely strong faith and is a living testimony of the grace of God and how a belief in Him would give one peace. He answered many of my questions and guided me whenever I needed spiritual guidance. I thank God for sending people to me to build up and strengthen my faith.

Another example of how God helped me and how my faith was fortified was through my dreams. Ever since I was 4, I always had terrible nightmares and sleep paralysis. I would encounter evil beings or presence in my room while “sleeping” with full knowledge of what was happening. As a child, I was taught to say, “in the name of Jesus Christ be gone”. I would repeat it again and again hoping to snap out of my sleep and wake up but it didn’t work. I believe this was Satan’s way of making me doubt my faith. As I got older and my faith strengthened, I realised that the words did not mean anything when I didn’t believe in it. It was only when I truly believed that God would protect me and these beings had no power over me because God has dominance over them that they would disappear and I would wake up. Because of Him, I am not afraid of what evilness can do to me. This helped me conquer such episodes. I still have these episodes, and I feel my faith and strength is tested each time, but I fare much better now than before. God really is great!

Having been back in Singapore since 2012, I have come back to attending True Life. I thank God for everything He has given to me. Life is great! Xian Fang

God Is Good to Me

I grew up in a Christian family and going to church on Sundays was my normal routine. So, it was only a matter of time that I went through baptism and I was baptized when I was living in Australia.

Although I had attended church for many years, I was a nominal Christian. I didn’t read the Bible nor spend time praying to God. My spiritual life was barren and shallow and though I publicly confessed belief in the Lord Jesus, yet I knew Him not.

But God in His mercy and grace awakened me and stirred in me a desire to know Him. He used my brother and his late wife to invite me to attend the AF Bible Study on Genesis in my former church. After a few sessions, I realized that I didn’t know God and somehow it dawned upon me that I needed to draw close to Him. Amazingly, when they suggested I attend worship service in church, “I was glad when they said unto me, Let us go into the house of the Lord” (Psalm 122:1). Since then, I look forward to attending worship services and learning more of His Word as I am reminded by the hymn, “Once far from God and dead in sin, No light my heart could see, But in God’s Word the light I found….” Thank God for reminding me of His goodness and salvation grace in Christ Jesus. Janet Toh

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