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Vol. XVII No. 37
14 June 2020


Jenerose Sagayoc

“O give thanks unto the LORD; for he is good: for his mercy endureth for ever. To him who alone doeth great wonders: for his mercy endureth for ever. Who remembered us in our low estate: for his mercy endureth for ever: O give thanks unto the God of heaven: for his mercy endureth for ever.” (Ps 136:1, 4, 23, 26).

I praise and thank God for His loving care as I studied at Far Eastern Bible College (FEBC). Despite all the struggles I went through, His kindness and goodness were always near. He teaches me many things that I can treasure as I continue living for Him. I have many ups and downs as I walk with Him. I'm struggling with different kinds of sins and trials. However, He is so patient and gracious in my life. When I am tried, His grace is sufficient, giving me strength. He shows me nothing in this world can satisfy me but He alone. I am thankful for God’s hand for it led me to repentance and proves to me that I am one of His own.

I am thankful to God for using the Filipino Bible Fellowship and True-Life Bible-Presbyterian Church as instruments to assist me in my studies. They encourage me and help me gain strength all the way in our joyous fellowships, sharing pearls of wisdom and experiences, especially in times of calamity, advising me and guiding me. I thank God for their love in the Lord.

Furthermore, I am so grateful for FEBC, as God’s instrument in moulding me in the knowledge of God’s Word. I am thankful for the teaching and the faithfulness of all the lecturers and tutors, for their graciousness and patience towards me.

Finally, I thank God for our matron Mrs Tow.

We had many experiences together that I can never forget. Many times I acted as a rebellious child because I couldn’t perceive the reason behind the chastisements. But I thank God for letting me realize that God used her to improve me in the way of God. At the back of her discipline, as our matron, there is a soft heart of kindness and led me to say how God is so good in my life despite who I am. There is one thing I cannot forget about her, her motherly advice that though I find difficulties in my studies, God used her to encourage me. To God be the glory!

[Jenerose was supported financially for her 3-year studies at FEBC by True Life BPC-FilBF. As her thanksgiving to the Lord, she volunteers to help the ministry in Trinidad BPC, Bohol for a year or more. Please remember to pray for her!]

Jose M Mangco

I praise and thank the Lord for having this privilege to write my personal testimony of how the Lord has called me to serve at Christ Bible-Presbyterian Church.

My name is Jose M Mangco, 41 years of age, married to Marites, with two kids—Alexes Loraine (9 yrs old) and Jose Angelo (3 yrs old). I graduated from FEBC (Singapore) in May 2008 with a degree in Bachelor of Religious Education. After my graduation, I returned home to serve in the House of Hope in Cebu which is a Christian Drug Rehabilitation Center. It’s my burden to help drug addicts and lead them to the marvelous light of the saving grace of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, since I myself was also a victim of drug addiction. It was in this place that I found Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior in the year 2001.

Although I was serving at the House of Hope, I had a desire in my heart to start a church on my own one day. I have shared this to my family and to a fellow brother who is now leading a church in Tacloban, Leyte. My family and I have been praying to God for this burden in my heart especially for His guidance and leading. Just last year I told my wife that I’m going to resign from the House of Hope in April 2020 and return home for good and start a church. I know that it’s not easy to start a church and the challenges are great but if it is God’s will then His plan will prevail.

It was Pr Edsel Locot of Gethsemane BP Mission Church in Bohol who informed us that Dr and Mrs Jeffrey Khoo and some True Lifers would be coming to Cebu to inaugurate a church at its 1st Anniversary on September 15, 2019. We decided to attend the service. Thank God for the opportunity to meet my FEBC lecturers. Marites was so excited as well to meet her former employers. We arrived at the place and right after the service we had the chance to have fellowship with both of them and some True Lifers.

I was then introduced to brother Deccarlo Igot. I learned from brother Deccarlo that the church was short-handed when it came to preachers. He asked me if I was available and willing to preach in the church. I told him yes, and he took my mobile number.

A few days later Dr Jose Lagapa texted me about the recommendation that he received from Dr Khoo, that Christ BPC should consider inviting me as one of the preachers. After the discussion with Dr Lagapa, I told him yes.

By God’s providence, I am now a full-time preacher at Christ BPC. I praise and thank God for having this wonderful opportunity to serve the Lord at Christ BPC. Indeed God’s ways are higher than our ways. Although I had in mind to return to Leyte to start a church, God has diverted my plan. I can sense that God is slowly fulfilling His purpose for me.

I really thank the Lord for the training that I had received in FEBC. I thank the Lord for this great opportunity to serve at Christ BPC. Thank the Lord for Dr Khoo and Dr Lagapa—for their trust and support.

It is my prayer that the Lord will continue to strengthen me and use me effectively to encourage His people through the perfect Word of God for the furtherance of His kingdom.

May the Lord find us faithful as we continue to labour for Him even in these last days. All glory to God!

Rodolfo Gayon Jr

I thank my God and my Saviour Jesus Christ for the life He gave to me and for His free gift of salvation. The Lord guided my parents to name me Rodolfo Gayon Jr, when I was born on November 15, 1975 in Capitan Bayong, Impasug-ong, Bukidnon.

I was born again during a youth camp held at Nasuli, Bangcud, Malaybalay when Rev Renato Cortez preached in the camp. I really cherish those moments of God’s saving grace in that I can remember even the date, April 18, 2000. In the same year, the Lord led me to study His Holy Word at Lapasan Baptist College. This Baptist College was the only college I knew which uses the KJV in the whole of Mindanao.

When my mother church felt a burden to have a missions work, I was asked to serve because there was no other church member who studied the Bible formally, even though I did not complete my studies because my mother church did not support me in my studies in Lapasan. I served as an assisting missionary for almost 5 years. When our missions worker resigned, I was requested to be the full-time missionary. It lasted for 2½ years of full-time work.

Later on, I sincerely asked our Lord to bring me somewhere else to do missions work because Bukidnon has so many already doing God’s work. I was praying for a place as far as possible. Then Dr Jose Lagapa prayed with me and challenged me to work in Cebu, particularly in Lapu-Lapu. Yet the will of God prevailed and I was led to Bohol, in Trinidad, a place of pure, sincere Catholics who are so strong in their religion but do not know their real relationship with the true God.

By God’s grace, I am currently studying His Word through FEBC’s online courses and doing God’s work under the supervision of Dr Lagapa and Pr Edsel of Tagbilaran. I sometimes receive further encouragement from Rev Reggor Galarpe of Cebu when he visits every month.

There are many remote areas here in Bohol that are not reached by the Word of God. There are many religious people but they are not sure where their souls will go when they die. I am convicted to preach God’s Word in Trinidad, Bohol and also other places. There are people from other places coming to our house church just to listen to God’s Word. They are invited regularly by the mother of Chev Gonzales. I prayed to our Lord that He will give me a co-laborer whose heart is touched and is able to teach especially the teens.

May the Lord of the harvest grant us souls for His own glory and praise!

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