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Vol. XVII No. 19
9 February 2020


In an interview article in Answers in Genesis in Nov/Dec 2017 on why Genesis still matters, Dr John C Whitcomb said, “Our first need is to start from the Bible and build our thinking from there. We do not wrestle with flesh and blood but against the cosmic powers over this present darkness (Eph 6:12). Satan and his demons are very active. Totally dedicated to destroying everything that God ever said in the only book he ever wrote. That’s the one thing they hate the most, the Bible. Let’s face it, we need help. We need the Holy Spirit, who wrote the Bible, using 40 humans as instruments (2 Pet 1:21). If we are not in tune with His Word, His way, His priorities, Romans 8:26 says the Holy Spirit intercedes for us with groanings too deep for words in order to purge us from false thinking, to illumine us with God’s truth.”

When I was in Far Eastern Bible College (FEBC), the Rev Dr Timothy Tow taught me Systematic Theology. He used J Oliver Buswell’s Theology as textbook (Buswell was his teacher at Faith Seminary). Buswell did not believe the days of Genesis were literal but figurative. Rev Tow held to this view but was careful to explain that the days are not what the evolutionists say, ie aeons or billions of years. To describe the word “day” in Genesis, Rev Tow used the term “God-day” for God could have created all things in a moment or split second.

Dr Whitcomb came to speak at Life Bible-Presbyterian Church and FEBC in 1993. After hearing Dr Whitcomb, Rev Tow said he has changed his view on the creation days. He told me he now believes God created in six literal, 24-hour days. He said, the phrase, “evening and morning, the first day…” clearly spoke of literal 24-hour days. This shows how Rev Tow was fully submissive to the sole, supreme, final authority of the Scriptures—the very virtue of humility required of true theologians (Calvin). The Lord is at work in the minds and hearts of men who have the highest view of the Holy Scriptures and extremely sensitive to the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

Another instance of Rev Tow moving closer to a biblical understanding of the truth was when he said that the Bible is infallible and inerrant today, not just in the past. There is no question the Bible was perfect in the beginning, in the autographs, but how about the Bible today? There was no teaching on the preservation of Scripture when I was studying at FEBC. In our Greek exegesis classes, we were taught textual criticism. In 1992, Dr D A Waite, President of the Dean Burgon Society, spoke in a “Bible for Today” seminar held at Calvary Pandan, and he proved from Scripture that God has preserved His Word to the last word. Rev Tow told Dr Waite, “We are of the same wavelength.” Rev Tow believed God has preserved His inspired words perfectly. He said it is illogical to believe in inspiration without preservation. He was moved by verses like Psalm 12:6–7, Matthew 5:18, 24:35. The Westminster Confession also affirmed the present perfection of Scripture by virtue of special divine providence.

I note that Dr Whitcomb is using the KJV today. When he taught me at Grace Seminary in 1989, he used the NASB. A few years back, he used the NKJV. But I noticed recently, in his Facebook, he quotes from the KJV. Dr Henry Morris, his good friend and co-author of The Genesis Flood, defended the KJV; read his article, “Should Creationists Abandon the King James Version?”, available from the Institute of Creation Research ( Stop Press: Dr Whitcomb has gone home to the Lord, Feb 4, age 95. JK


Dear Dr. Jeffrey Khoo

Greetings in the Name of Christ.

First of all I want to thank you for your church’s contribution to our ministry for the Miri Van. We managed to purchase a reconditioned second-hand van for RM58,000. Plus all the repairs and administrative costs the total came to RM71,000. All has been paid for. Our Miri brethren received the van on 17 December 2019 just before Christmas.

Kindly send my regards and thanks to your church members who contributed to our Miri Mission station.

Eld Chan Wan Fook
12 January 2020


Rev Dr Park Seung Kyu
Principal, Bible College of East Africa (BCEA), Tanzania

Greetings in the name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, to all coworkers who pray for Tanzanian missions. Thank you for your support in 2019. We pray for you that the Lord may bless you more than last year. We also pray unto the Lord for you all always. May God remember your prayers as well as devoted effort and bless you with all heavenly blessings.

Bible College

In the spring semester (Jan–May), 24 students enrolled. In the autumn (Aug–Nov), 22 enrolled. We have four lecturers: Dr Park Seung Kyu, Rev Kim Nam Jung (Korean missionary), Rev Judah Pallangyo and Rev Joseph Amos. In May, seven students graduated. Among them, three were sent to BCEA-Kenya to be third year students. They will study for two more years for their advanced diploma. Their school fees are fully supported by BCEA-Tanzania.

Last November, one Tanzanian student named Wilson Kaviche graduated from BCEA-Kenya with his advanced diploma in theology. He was commended for being a good student by the faculty and his fellow classmates. We will continue to support him to study for the Bachelor of Ministry (BMin) through the Far Eastern Bible College’s (FEBC) extension programme for the graduates of BCEA. Now Wilson is serving four churches in Tanzania. He is the first-fruit from my five years of ministry in Tanzania. Please pray that BCEA will produce more sincere alumni.

I have to mention one more thing. We thank God for many copies of the King James Bible (KJV) sent to us by Calvary Jaya BPC in Malaysia. Rev Lee Kim Shong sent us the best quality. We are very happy to use the KJV.

Glory Bible-Presbyterian Church

Rev Joseph Amos is ministering to the congregation of Glory BPC Tanzania. Recently, one church member had a very serious traffic accident. He got two major surgeries for his two broken legs. Pray for him for quick and smooth recovery. We are constantly giving Bibles to church members, teaching and helping new believers to know the Word of God.

Last year, we prayed for a bar to be closed in front of the church. We were praying for the spiritual health of the village. Now the bar has been closed but a new Charismatic church is opened. There is no one in that church, but it plays loud music the whole day and disturbs us very much. Please pray for wisdom to solve this matter according to biblical principles.

I am serving a small Korean congregation in the campus. I am preaching in Korean worship services for lay missionaries and volunteers who need a worship service to attend. Some have heard God’s Word for the first time since they came to Tanzania as volunteers. Please pray for God’s grace of salvation to be upon them.

Chemchem Kindergarten

Kindergarten children are growing well. Presently there are 60 children in three classes. 70 will be educated this year. We have three teachers and one assistant teacher. Graduation was held in November 2019 and 14 children graduated. Please pray for their continued education in Tanzanian schools, and for the salvation of their families through the gospel of Jesus Christ which they have learned in kindergarten.

Ministry in 2020

Last year we focused on the repairs of the college. The buildings are 15 years old; some are collapsing. The necessary parts have been repaired, but some other parts still need repairs. We had the plan to construct the girl’s dormitory in August 2019. But the unusual climate was against that plan. It should be dry season, but it was rainy. Till today, we have rain every day. We are looking for God’s will and wisdom for the above.

Teaching Ministry

I am teaching two subjects (4 credits) this semester: Revelation and Old Testament Historical Books VI (Ezra, Nehemiah, Esther). In March, I go to BCEA-Rwanda to teach three subjects (5 credits): Ancient Church History, Soteriology, and Synoptic Analysis. In the first week of May, I will be in FEBC, my beloved alma mater, to teach History of Fundamentalism at the Daily Vacation Bible College (DVBC).

Prayer Requests

Please pray for the visa of missionaries to Tanzania. By the grace of the Lord, I have received the visa and am able to continue the work here until July 2021, but many missionaries’ visa applications have been rejected. They are considering withdrawal. I cannot guarantee my wife’s visa after her graduation from FEBC in May. Please pray for God’s guidance.

Every year, I travel to Kenya and Rwanda to teach and minister. BCEA-Rwanda was founded three years ago, and there is an urgent need for professors. For some time, I have been lecturing in Rwanda what I have learned from FEBC. Please pray for adequate teachers in Rwanda so that I have no need to go there.

Please remember my family in your prayers always and pray for my wife and two daughters in FEBC, especially my wife’s thesis on Verbal Plenary Preservation for graduation. I am praying for them to join me in African missions. (Email: 22 Jan 2020)

Faculty and students, Bible College of East Africa, Tanzania, 2020

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