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Vol. XVI No. 33
19 May 2019
“The LORD is in his holy temple: let all the earth keep SILENCE before him.”
Call WorshipPastor Jeffrey Khoo
Opening HymnThe Comforter Has Come
Invocation/Gloria Patri
Responsive ReadingPsalm 6
HymnIt Is Well with My Soul
Music MinistryDeborah & Judith
Offerings/HymnTeach Me to Pray
Doxology/Pastoral PrayerPastor Jeffrey Khoo
Scripture TextRomans 8:18–27
SermonSpirit’s Prayer Ministry
(Pastor Jeffrey Khoo)
Closing HymnSpirit of God, Descend upon My Heart
BenedictionPastor Jeffrey Khoo

To Search for Answers

I was born to a non-Christian family. When I was 8 years old, I was introduced to Christ by a Christian neighbour. I remembered we prayed and that’s when I received Christ into my heart. The Christian track was lost when my Christian neighbour moved out from the flat and I was back to my non-Christian practice following my parents, who were then Taoists.

The earlier part of my life was focused on my work. I had achieved much after working for more than 30 years with multinational companies. I had good finances and assets and was able to provide comfortably for my family but there was something I felt lacking. That was when I began my search for answers.

I travelled the world and that provided me the opportunity to have access to Christian TV channels. I listened to many messages, listening to the doctrines and was fascinated by these doctrines that were preached. These were from the megachurches. These megachurch leaders performed miracles and taught about faith and for the need to sow seeds for the fulfilling of prayers and miracles.

I was introduced to City Harvest Church (CHC) which I attended for about 18 months. I was faithfully attending till I felt something nudging me to ask a few questions: Does the pastor know all his sheep? Will the pastor be available for you when you call since it’s such a big church? Will Jesus perform miracles to a stage audience? Is preaching a prosperity gospel a good thing? Where is the reference point for the Word of God? Why are the pastors dressed like actors on stage? Why are these pastors having bodyguards? There were many more questions then and I couldn’t find the answers. So I left CHC. Shortly after, the CHC trials started.

I knew I had to continue to search for answers. So I decided to attend a conservative church across the road where I lived. I did that for a few years but somehow fell off my spiritual track again when I was at the height of my career. I left the church because of my business travels and work responsibilities.

I came to realise that Jesus had not given up on me. He knew what I wanted in my spiritual life. I had always wished for a shepherd who would know and understand his flock. In other words, pastors who are meek and humble like the nature of a lamb. And I believe that is why Jesus is the Lamb of God and He wishes for all Christians to be like Him—meek and humble.

I fetched my parents to True Life Bible-Presbyterian Church every Sunday for many years ever since they were touched by Jesus and baptised! Each time I was asked, “Why are you not coming into my house, you are already at the door step?” Was the Lord calling? I was ignoring the call until after the church camp in Bangkok which I attended and received the messages and answers from God—the messages on love, truthfulness, doctrinal purity, moral purity and watchfulness etc. Furthermore, I believe I have found the church and shepherd I can fully depend on for my spiritual growth. I started attending True Life after the Bangkok church camp.

I have begun to realise how blessed it is to have Jesus by my side all along. He has never left me. He has provided for me and my family all these years and I have realised how faithful He is, guiding me all these years. He has loved me so much even though I have neglected Him so many times. I know that I would not be where I am today without His love and blessings. Thank God for everything He has done for me and my family. Many of my earlier questions have all been answered through prayers and by attending church and receiving the messages weekly. Thank God for everything! Rick C

To Repent and Seek Salvation

As a child growing up in the 60’s, my brothers, sisters and many of the neighbourhood kids attended the nearby Grace Baptist Church like a social gathering, not quite understanding the true meaning of Christianity and of Jesus Christ. We did Sunday School, had lots of fun in the activities like Christmas carolling and performing biblical scenes. My family then moved out of that neighbourhood when it was scheduled to be redeveloped. I was then a young teenager. From my secondary to junior college years, I was concentrating on my studies and paid little attention to the spiritual although I did attend, but not on a regular basis, service in a few churches together with some friends. And whenever I hear moving sermons I feel the Spirit reaching out to me and many a time it brings me to tears as I acknowledge my own frailties, weakness, sinfulness and smallness before God. I try to lead an upright and humble life hoping to please Him. However I was unable to find a church that I was truly comfortable in and as a result I believe I lacked in spiritual guidance.

This went on into my young adult years and even after I’ve had children. When my husband was posted to Shanghai for 2 years, I joined a women’s Bible study fellowship and that was a wonderful time learning so much and enjoying the friendship of likeminded ladies. When we returned to Singapore, I attended service at a nearby Baptist Church for several years, helping out in the ESL programme, reaching out to expatriates. I felt a closeness to God and was happy to serve Him. However, there was internal bickering among the church elders and I became very uncomfortable and so I left.

Nevertheless I felt my Lord within my soul even though I was not attending church services. It’s very comforting to know He is there when I need Him. Once I was in hospital due to severe anaemia, getting 2 bags of blood during a span of 8 hours. In the middle of that process, I felt cold and an unexplainable pain. I thought I was dying! Frightened, I prayed and almost immediately I felt alright again. Jesus reassured me and I felt such a calm.

Still I was searching for a church to belong and friends brought me to City Harvest. My husband and I attended a few services but we both knew and felt overwhelmed by the sheer enormity of it all. The messages and praises were loud and theatrical. Surely worshiping the Lord need not be so dramatic, we thought.

Attending True Life’s church camp last year was a turning point. I heard the Lord’s Word delivered in a truly understandable and impactful manner with much dignity and clarity. Through the messages, He tells me that I need to repent and seek salvation. He is indeed the one true God who died for us so that we may live. Teresa L

To Reaffirm My Faith

Coming from a Christian family, I have always been exposed to God. From baptism (when I was a baby) to attending church every Sunday, I had grown up knowing Christ.

My father was one of the prime people who had strengthened my Christian faith. He had always said that life without God was meaningless, which I agreed. I would always remember him telling me that the existence of God is evident in every living being on earth. Life could only be created by God, not science. He would also often tell me verses in the Bible which heavily strengthened my faith in Christ, allowing me to acknowledge how everyone including me is a sinner and that God had sent His Son, Jesus Christ, to die for our sins so that we could go to heaven, and not hell.

I had never once doubted the existence of God, only believing in Christ with body and soul. Thus, I had decided to attend catechism classes so as to learn more about God and reaffirm my faith in Christ. Tai SY

To Confess Jesus Publicly

In the past, I used to worship idols following the traditions of my parents and mother-in-law. Ancestor worship was part and parcel of my life. I assisted my mother-in-law in idol worship by burning incense paper and offering food to Tua Pek Kong (the god of prosperity). This continued until the year 2001 when my daughter shared the gospel with me and asked me to believe in Jesus Christ.

Initially, I was doubtful of this belief and religion but nevertheless I joined my daughter to True Grace Presbyterian Church to know more about Jesus Christ. After attending 2 years of church services and Sunday school, I had this conviction that Jesus Christ is the true God and only Jesus can save me from my sins. Hence, I decided to attend baptismal class to confess Jesus Christ as my Lord and Saviour publicly.

Being a Christian, I found that there are changes in my life. I no longer participate in the rituals and prayers in worshiping the idols. When I am having a hard time in my life, I will pray quietly to Jesus for help to overcome the difficulties. I feel very blessed that my family believe in Jesus and hopefully one day my sisters can also come to know of this true God, Jesus Christ. Phua FC

To Continue Praying for Others

I am Faith. I am going to share about how I got converted. Before I got converted, I was very naughty. I liked to bully my siblings. In school, I followed the world’s way of talking and behaving. All I cared about was myself. One day in 2017, when I was in P4, an accident happened. Everyone was eating dinner, and a flying ant flew right into my sister Ruth’s eye. She was screaming in pain. After having a hard time trying to get the ant out, my mother decided to use eye-drops. I prayed super-duper hard and I was crying while praying. After using eye-drops the flying ant finally came out. Everyone was relieved. “Thank God! Thank God!” everyone repeated and prayed.

That was when I was converted. I realised how powerful God is. He could cause the ant to come out of the eye even though it was clinging on to the eyeball. That night I prayed the sinner’s prayer. After praying the sinner’s prayer and God showing me all His miracles, my behaviour changed towards my siblings and in school. My friends thought differently of me, I thought about the feelings of people around me, I started to think of the consequences before doing something, I thought of the punishment I would get from God if I did something wrong and a lot of things changed. I was glad that God had caused the fly to fly into my sister’s eye. I think it was how I was brought to the saving knowledge of Christ and truly believed.

I thanked God for everything that happened even bad things. I would continue praying for my siblings to come and truly believe as they are still young and they don’t understand. I pray for people who have not believed to come and believe and worship our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ! Faith K

Easter 2019 Baptism, Reaffirmation of Faith, Transfer of Membership

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