1. Interviews with the Rev Dr Timothy Tow: National Heritage Board, Oral History Centre, National Archives of Singapore
  2. Rev Dr Timothy Tow and Rev Dr Prabhudas Koshy in Conversation, December 2006, 7 minutes, 42 seconds
  1. Malaysia Christian (1961–1967)
  2. Life Bible-Presbyterian Church
    1965 to 1969
    1970 to 1979
    1980 to 1989
    1990 to 1999
    2000 to 2003
  3. True Life Bible-Presbyterian Church
    2003 to 2009
    2010 to Present (September 2013)
  1. Life Church Annual (1955)
  2. Bible-Presbyterian Annual (1958-1959)
  3. Bible-Presbyterian Annual (1959-1960)
  4. Dedication of New Church-and-College Extension and Far Eastern Kindergarten, April 26, 1969
  5. The Bible-Presbyterian Church of Singapore and Malaysia (1950-1971)
  6. Pressing Toward the Mark: Bible-Presbyterian Church of Singapore Thanksgiving Week Programme (September 15-21, 1985)
  7. Life Bible-Presbyterian Church Vision (1986-1987)
  8. 50 Years Building His Kingdom: Golden Jubilee Magazine of Life Bible-Presbyterian Church (1950-2000)
  9. New Beulah House Development: Life Bible-Presbyterian Church 52nd Anniversary CD (2002)
  10. In the Steps of Our Saviour: Sabbatical Jubilee of True Life Bible-Presbyterian Church (2003-2010)
  11. Faith Theological Seminary Catalog (1981-1983)
  12. Twenty-First Anniversary Programme (July 23-31, 1983)
  13. Training Labourers Together with God: Silver Jubilee Magazine of Far Eastern Bible College (1962-1987)
  14. Passing on the Torch, Silver Jubilee Celebrations Programme (August 30 - September 6, 1987)
  15. 30th Anniversary Magazine of Far Eastern Bible College (1962-1992)
  16. To Magnify His Word: Golden Jubilee Yearbook of Far Eastern Bible College (1962-2012)
  • 40 John Sung Revival Sermons (translator)
  • A Glimpse of the Life and Works of John Calvin (Chinese)
  • A Glimpse of the Life and Works of John Calvin
  • A Theology for Every Christian Book 1: Knowing God and His Word (co-author)
  • An Abridgment of Calvin's Institutes of the Christian Religion (Book I-IV)
  • An Anthology of Sermons and Verses
  • Asian Awakening
  • Born Again in the Singapore Pentecost
  • Calvin's Institutes Abridged (Volume I, Book I & II)
  • Chronicles of Conquest
  • Coming World Events Unveiled: A Study of the Book of Revelation
  • Counselling Recipes through 40 Years Pastoring
  • Disciples of McIntire
  • Forty Years to Church Growth
  • From Millennium Bug to Millennium Bomb
  • God's Holy Law
  • Has God a Plan for Your Life
  • In John Sung's Steps: The Story of Lim Puay Hian
  • In Times Like These: A Study of the Book of Jeremiah
  • Israel a Great Nation
  • It Is Nearer Than You Think
  • Jason Linn: Pioneering In Dyak Borneo (abridged) (translator)
  • John Sung Choruses (Chinese-English Edition)
  • John Sung My Teacher (Chinese)
  • John Sung My Teacher
  • Lessons from the University of Life: A Study of the Book of Ecclesiastes
  • McIntire Maxims
  • Meditations from Psalms
  • My Homiletic Swimming Pool
  • Old Testament Law Classified as in Modern Legal Systems (co-author)
  • Pattern for Church Growth and Missions
  • Pearls of Great Wisdom: A Study of the Book of Proverbs
  • Pioneering in Dyak Borneo by Jason Linn (translator)
  • Prophescope on Israel
  • Prophets of Fire and Water
  • Qs & As on Everlasting Life for Children (editor)
  • Recipes for Living a Happy Life
  • Son of a Mother's Vow
  • Songs and Verses from the Holy Land
  • The Clock of the Sevenfold Will of God
  • The Gospel of Life: An Applied Commentary on the Gospel of John
  • The Gospel Prophets: An Applied Commentary on Isaiah and Micah
  • The Law of Moses and of Jesus
  • The Minor Prophets
  • The Singapore B-P Church Story
  • The Spirit of Truth and the Spirit of Error
  • The Story of My Bible-Presbyterian Faith
  • The Truth Shall Make You See
  • Theology for Every Christian: A Systematic Theology in the Reformed and Premillennial Tradition of J Oliver Buswell (co-author/editor)
  • Ting Li Mei: The First Chinese Evangelist
  • Visions of the Princely Prophet: A Study of the Book of Daniel
  • Wang Ming Tao and Charismatism
  • Wang Ming Tao on Temptation
  • William C Burns: Grandfather of Bible-Presbyterians
  1. Biblical Missions: Singapore Number (Independent Board for Presbyterian Foreign Missions, February 1974)
  2. Essays in Honour of Dr Timothy Tow (The Burning Bush, July 2000)
  3. Truth Unfailing: In Commemoration of the 40th Anniversary of Far Eastern Bible College (1962-2002) (The Burning Bush, July 2002)
  4. In Memoriam: Rev Dr Timothy Tow (28 Dec 1920 – 20 Apr 2009) (Bible Witness, March-June 2009)
  5. “I Remember Timothy Tow” (The Burning Bush, July 2010)
  6. Forever Infallible and Inerrant (pdf book)
  1. Audio (MP3 Files)
  2. Video (MP4 Files)
  1. A Bruised Reed
  2. A Pilgrim Band
  3. A Psalm of Brotherly Love
  4. A Psalm of the Sea
  5. A Psalm on the Destiny of Man
  6. A Thousand Golden Years
  7. All Things Work
  8. Another Day is Done
  9. Barley Fields
  10. Behold, The Son of God is Coming Again!
  11. Bethlehem Sunset Hymn
  12. Beyond the White Clouds
  13. Blow, Morning Breezes, Blow
  14. Bring All the Tithes Now Before Him
  15. Call to Tuesday Night Prayer Meeting
  16. Cheep, Cheep, Cheep
  17. Christ and the Church in the Song of Solomon
  18. Come Out From The Church Apostate
  19. Come, O Come Our Lord Jesus
  20. Courage, Weary Sons and Daughters
  21. David's Vow in Distress
  22. Days of Toil and Waiting for Jesus
  23. Don't Stop Praying
  24. F.E.B.C. Anthem
  25. Face to Face
  26. Faith of Our Fathers
  27. Father, I'm Coming Home
  28. Father, Long Before Creation
  29. For His Anger
  30. Friend, Come and Stay
  31. From China's Towering Mountain
  32. God Bless Our Home
  33. God Loved the World (translated)
  34. God Loved the World
  35. Good-bye
  36. Guidance All the Way
  37. Hallelujah, Christ's Ascended
  38. Hallelujah, The Lord Has Done Great Things For Us
  39. Heavenly Melodies
  40. Hymn for Family Worship
  41. I Want To Walk Where Jesus Walks
  42. In the New Jerusalem
  43. In the Twilight Shadows
  44. Is this Our Land? Our Beulah Land?
  45. Jesus Came and Touched Me
  46. Jesus Christ Is Coming!
  47. Make Sure of Truth
  48. Moses' Psalm of Life
  49. Mother, You Are Gone
  50. Mt Carmel Victory Song
  51. O Galilee
  52. O How Bright Is Sunday Morning
  53. O Jerusalem
  54. Old Testament History In Song
    • Bohemian Folk Song
    • Faith is the Victory
    • Germany
    • Long, Long Ago
    • Ottawa (Master, Speaks)
    • Take The World, But Give Me Jesus
  55. Our Father, Hear Us When We Pray
  56. Our God is a Loving Father
  57. Pass on the Tourch of God!
  58. Pilgrim Chant
  59. Prepare To Meet Thy God
  60. Psalm 43
  61. Rejoice, FEBC!
  62. Sheep, Sheep, Sheep
  63. Shine Forth for Jesus Everywhere
  64. Singapura
  65. Song of the Two Kingdoms
  66. Song to the New Jerusalem
  67. Spirit of the Triune God
  68. The Great/Unfinished Commission
  69. The King James Bible vs. The Hundred Versions
  70. The Magna Carta of God's Saving Plan - Romans I to XI in verses
  71. The Message of the Big Church Bell
  72. The Pilgrims' Home Sweet Home
  73. The Prodigal Son
  74. There Comes a Tide to Every Church
  75. Time and Tide Wait for No Man
  76. Under the Sun
  77. When Daylight's Fading
  78. When He Calls, I Will Answer
  79. When I Think of Your Love
  80. When You Are Alone
  81. Yerushalayim, Messiah Is Come
  82. Yesterday, Today, Forever