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Dear Brethren and Friends,

Welcome to the Filipino Bible Fellowship!

In a few weeks’ time, the Filipino Bible Fellowship of True Life Bible-Presbyterian Church will be celebrating her 6th Anniversary Thanksgiving. It is good to recall the Lord’s goodness upon us so that we can truly thank God for the many blessings He has showered upon all of us.

First, we have to thank Him for the souls whom the Lord has gathered to come and join us in the fellowship. We started with less than 10 people and then went to as many as more than 30 in a meeting. Although the number is always fluctuating, we should give thanks to God for His unfailing grace in bringing Filipinos every Sunday to join the worship service. There were 20 who submitted themselves to publicly confess their faith through the sacrament of water baptism. We cannot help but sigh and cry before the Lord to be merciful to many of them who have gone back into the world and even into Roman Catholicism. The pressures of the relatives and friends were so strong to pull them out from the right path and back into the darkness of Rome. This makes me very sad, but I must thank the Lord that those who left were not deprived of the teachings of God’s Word and the warnings against turning away from the faith. The Lord is so faithful to us and if there is one to be blamed for any lack of spiritual feeding and care of the flock, it is me. Please pray for me that faithful preaching and living out of what I proclaim will be seen in my life and my family so that I will not be a stumbling block to those who come and desire to know more of Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour.

Second, we have to thank the Lord for the provision of a place for us to worship Him in Spirit and in truth. We began with our afternoon meetings at the Upper Room of the Far Eastern Bible College (FEBC). By God’s faithful arrangements, we moved to Godhill in 2018 for our afternoon worship services. The Lord moved True Life BPC to purchase this property for the use of God’s people. I believe we benefited much from this place. Although, we were interrupted by the circuit breakers in 2020 to 2021, the Lord sustained us through our pre-recorded messages and livestreaming. When we returned last year for the physical worship service, we shifted our time to the morning. Goldhill, or Godhill as we call it, is really a manifestation of God’s goodness upon us. We have a place where we can worship, pray and fellowship together.

Third, the Lord revived our Evangelism sessions. During our early years, we would always go out for evangelism every afternoon after the morning worship English service. Praise God for the zeal of our brethren that though now we go only twice a month, the Lord has sustained our love and concern for fellow Filipinos here in Singapore who are still outside God’s Kingdom. We are currently visiting Orchard Road and Toa Payoh Park where our kababayans are gathering on Sundays. It is our prayer that through this fervour and zeal to bring souls to Christ, the Lord will lead us to those whose hearts are prepared to receive the Gospel.

Christ BPC, Lapu-Lapu City, Cebu

Fourth, we are thankful that God has used the FilBF to not only evangelize the Filipinos here in Singapore but also granted us the privilege to plant mission stations in the Philippines. So far, the Lord has blessed us with three churches, the Christ BPC in Cebu with Pr Jose Mangco, Trinidad BPC in Bohol with Pr Rodolfo Gayon and Golgotha BPC in Valencia City, Bukidnon with Pr Warly Sinonlay. We have a mission outreach, the Christlife BP missions, in Impasug-ong, Bukidnon and the True Word Bible Fellowship in Cebu City.

Trinidad BPC, Trinidad, Bohol

Fifth, the Lord is gracious to provide us a teaching ministry to equip our brethren and lay preachers to the work of the ministry. The Lord opened the way for us to start the Bible Equipping School of Theology (BEST). So far, we have an average of 8 lay preachers joining our certificate/diploma in ministry program and more than 20 brethren are taking the Christian education program. Although our classes online are still irregular, please pray that we can have people who will manage this and a platform where we can have stable and accessible means for learners to log in and watch the video lectures. We are thankful that an additional teacher in the person of Pr Jose Mangco is now teaching the Epistle to the Colossians to our lay preachers in the Cebuano dialect. The Old Testament Survey and Homiletics are also offered in Cebuano. For the Christian education program we have Basic Doctrines: Knowing Salvation and Adults Christian Education. Next semester we will also have new teachers in the Christian education program with our new FEBC graduates, Sisters Gyzza Dandoy and Thessa Lagapa.

Golgotha BPC, Valencia City, Bukidnon

Sixth, this year we have started the printing and distribution of the Tagalog RPG. We have been praying that we can start a work in Luzon. Through these translated devotionals, we pray that the Lord will move the hearts of a few to come and study in FEBC to lead a mission station in the northern part of the Philippines. We thank God that through these Tagalog literatures, many of our countrymen from Luzon can avail the Lord’s blessings of knowing and understanding the Word of God in our national language.

I believe there are many things that we can thank God for these six years or even in the past year. Let me now encourage you to also write to us your thanksgivings to the Lord for these past years, especially during the pandemic. Please submit to me through email, WhatsApp or Messenger your thanksgivings, and we will make a booklet to glorify the Lord our God. Deadline will be July 24.

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