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Dear Brethren and Friends,

Welcome to the Filipino Bible Fellowship!

We thank God for Pastor Jeffrey Khoo who gave us the green light to start a teaching ministry for our countrymen who cannot take FEBC lectures because of lack of time as they are working full time here in Singapore or in the Philippines. This is an offshoot of what we started a year ago to teach using Cebuano dialect to lay men serving as pastors in their churches. Yes, the online Bible Equipping School of Theology (BEST) is already ONE year, praise God! Below is one of the testimonies in Basic Doctrine: Knowing Man. At the back are some of the testimonies submitted. We encourage you to register and be blessed.

Testimony by Josephine Baldisco Opiso

First of all, I want to praise and thank God for this opportunity to enroll again in BEST even though this time, I’m a little bit busy since Daniel is very hyperactive and loves throwing things and needs more attention. However, I thank God that He sustained me through His mercy and grace alone such that I was able to finish watching the 24 lecture videos for this course on Basic Doctrine: Knowing Man. I praise God that I learned a lot about how important it is to study the topic on Knowing Man after I studied Knowing God last semester since both are very important in our Christian life. We can see how great God is and realized that we are nothing before Him. It helps me to be humble and to know how to behave before God as well as realize who we are and how sinful we are before Him.

The big impact that corrected and reminded me was about the role of the wife to her husband. The wife is designed by God to be the helpmeet of her husband. Sometimes we argue because I usurp the authority of my husband. I know that it is not right in the eyes of God but I continue doing it, especially if I have an idea that I think is better than his. But because of this lesson, I was reminded again to be submissive to my husband as unto the Lord. I will learn how to be silent and learn to calm down and do my role of what God has assigned to me as a wife. Praying that I will continue to apply it because this is the weakest part of my life. I remember also that there was a time that I want my husband to treat me like a princess. I wanted him to always be the one to bring a chair for me to sit on in times we eat outside. But I just smiled when we discuss this lesson that a woman is created for man. I am blessed that this course helps and reminds me how to fulfill my duty as a Christian wife to my husband.

The other important thing also that I learned more and was blessed is about the reason why we should not eat blood. Before, there was one instance that I compromised, when we visited the place of my parents and she cooked native chicken soup. Then, there was blood cooked with the soup. I was really tempted to eat it in spite that there were more meat. After I finished eating, I asked forgiveness to the Lord because I was tempted to eat. I felt guilty. I felt down because I know God is not happy with what I did.I did not tell my husband about it.Then, 3 years ago, when I asked our previous music pastor if he eats “Dinuguan” (a dish cooked with blood), he said “yes.” I asked why and he said that because some Fundamental Baptists in Luzon eat “Dinuguan.” He eats too since he studied Bible school there.He said Bukidnon Baptists do not eat.

Then, the other experience also that I encountered was when we attended a special family occasions in one of our brethren in Valencia. The wife proudly told me that she cooked really well the “Dinuguan” since it is one of her favorite food. I smiled and said that I do not eat “Dinuguan”. She was shocked and asked “why?” I answered “because Baptists do not eat such”. (I remembered saying “Baptists” than saying Christians or believers of Jesus Christ). She said “is it true?” I wanted to explain more but I could not do further because one of the Pastor’s wife sat beside me. Then she was asked “Ma’am, are we not supposed to eat “Dinuguan”?” Then the Pastor’s wife answered, “No. But the Baptists in Luzon eat” And I saw that she tasted it. I was stunned for a while. In my mind I asked, “Why did she still tasted the “Dinuguan”? On our way home, I shared to my husband about what happened and he explained to me why we should not eat blood.

But now, I really understand more, by the grace of God, the Biblical reason why we should not eat blood, especially for us as believers of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. It is really different when you are the one learning the doctrine. I really praise God about it. Why? Because I have now the confidence in the Lord if someone asks me to explain why we shouldn’t eat blood. I am very blessed and thankful to God for this great privilege that I learned a lot about His commandments, warnings for us His children in Christ. Praying that God will continue to encourage me to enroll in BEST in accordance to His will for me to learn more of His Word.

I was reminded also on how to spend money and how I should be thrifty. I was reminded because sometimes if there’s “ukay-ukay” in Maramag from 5 to 10 pesos only, my eyes are attracted to the signboard since it’s very cheap so I bought. But last week, when I passed by at my “suki”, I did not anymore go as I learned from God’s Word that I should only buy things that I need. Learn to be content!

Above all, I was blessed about the topic of Biblical separation, I learned many lessons that convicted me. I feel ashamed that I still do things even though I know it is wrong. I was corrected and I thank God for the conviction. I thank God also that this course Basic Doctrine: Knowing Man, helps my spiritual growth and maturity as well as in my spiritual walk with the Lord. Yes, it’s a struggle to live godly but I know if we ask help through prayer to the Lord, He will help us. All the time I spent in studying from His Word is not in vain and it’s a great blessing to me.

I am blessed with this verse, John 14:15, “if ye love me, keep my commandments.” By keeping the commandments of God is the evidence of our love to Christ in obedience to His Word. Praying that all churches must always teach the Doctrine of Biblical Separation in order for us to be reminded on how to live a holy and acceptable life to God. Even for myself that I would be prayerful to avoid committing a sin because I know that I am weak. I am reminded also in 1 Thessalonians 5:17 “Pray without ceasing.” because I am forgetful.

I always pray for the salvation of my family. Praying that God will open their eyes to know the truth especially how sinful we are before Him and badly need the Saviour in order to be saved from sin, death, judgment and hell.

I praise and thank God also for He continued to use teacher Theya in His ministry as our teacher in BEST. To God be all the Glory! (Josephine is the wife of Dr Einstine Opiso who is taking online classes in FEBC).

Giegie Garcia

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