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We give our praise and thanks to the LORD for blessing the Pastors and Leaders Bible Conference with His word preached and His labourers who attended. Below is a brief report of the said Conference.

Pastors and Leaders Bible Conference – 2021

The Pastors and Leaders Bible Conference – 2021 was held last year on December 13–15 at the Farmer’s Training Center, Central Mindanao University, Musuan, Bukidnon. The theme was “Biblical Doctrines in Fulfilling Christ’s Great Commission” (Matthew 28:18–20). The Lord’s messenger was the Rev Dr Jose Lagapa who gave 7 pre-recorded messages to the participants. Over 50 pastors, church leaders with few youth leaders attended the Conference. Most of them came from the province of Bukidnon. The rest were from the provinces of Cebu and Misamis Oriental.

The conference commenced on the afternoon of December 13 with the Word of God brought through the message of Pastor Renato Cortez of Partners Baptist Missions. Dr Einstine Opiso welcomed the participants and gave the general guidelines for the whole conference.

The seven messages during the conference included the following:

The Perfection of the Scripture — The doctrines of Verbal Plenary Inspiration and Verbal Plenary Preservation of the Scriptures should compel every church leader to obey the imperatives for missions. The Bible as the supreme and final authority of faith and practice should be the guide for the works of missions.

The Trinitarian Faith — Our faith in the doctrine of the Trinity — three persons in one God, grants us the truth of the nature and attributes of God revealing the functions of the three persons in the work of missions.

The Covenant Theology – This framework of theology shows us the universality of sin and the exclusivity of the Saviour. This concept is of supreme importance for our understanding in missions and evangelism.

The Calvinistic Soteriology — The doctrine of election is every missionary’s assurance of success in missions. No one would dare to go for missions without the truth that God elects and foreordains people whom he will save.

The Premillennial Eschatology — The Scriptures tells us that the Lord Jesus Christ is coming soon for the rapture. Among the many signs of His coming is the gospel of the kingdom preached in all the world for a witness unto all nations.

The Fundamentalist Stand — The separatist stand of Bible-believing churches compels a scripture-based missions. This doctrine of Biblical separation should keep missions from false doctrines and methods.

The Plurality of Elders — The Apostle Paul established vibrant churches that would be missions-sending churches. He did this by ordaining “them elders in every church, and had prayed with fasting, they commended them to the Lord, on whom they believed” (Acts 14:22–23).

The two-day conference started with morning devotions by Pr Loreto Yubat and Pr Jose Mangco, respectively. One afternoon showed a film of the life story of William Carey, the Father of Modern Missions entitled "Candle in the Dark".

Evening sessions were spent for Missions reports. First reporters were: Crisa Jane Zagado of Gingoog Missions, Misamis Oriental; Bro Johnny Rey Ebin of True Word Bible Fellowship, Cebu; Pr Martinez Azores of Christlife BP Missions, Bukidnon; Pr Warly Sinonlay of Golgotha BPC, Bukidnon; and Pr Jose Mangco of Christ BPC, Cebu. The second evening session was from the Baptist Pastors supported by True Life Bible-Presbyterian Church: Ptr Rogelio Superales, Ptr Rechie Añosa and Ptr Mark Albeza. Mission-sending churches shared their experiences to encourage participating pastors. These were from Ptr Rene Morales and Ptr Renato Cortez, both pastors of churches which are active in planting churches.

Participants of the Pastors and Leaders Bible Conference 2021

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