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Dear Brethren and Friends,

Welcome to the Filipino Bible Fellowship!

We are thankful to the Lord for calling more Filipinos to study in FEBC. Please continue to pray for more to be trained to preach God’s Word. “So then faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the (preached) word of God” (Romans 10:17). – Bro Jose

Testimonies of Andrew Adolacion

Testimony of Salvation

I am Andrew A. Adolacion, married to Maggie Mae Zagado Adolacion, and a father of three children. I'm 38 years of age. I was born into a Roman Catholic belief, which is generally known as truth in our country because it proclaims to be a believer of Christ, but I did not find myself living like a Christian. Yes, I did go to church, but I didn’t have the intention to seek and worship God. I only went to church, thinking that my sins would be lessened and forgiven. I was a sinner and spiritually blinded to the truth about true salvation. I grew up in a family that does not seek the Word of God nor practice reading the Scriptures and putting God as the head of our family. With this, I spent my life living carnally, seeking and desiring all the pleasures of this world. I fell into deep depression, unhappiness, misery, and was full of confusion. I became dependent on alcohol. I thought that partaking them would resolve my problems and ease the burdens within me. I did not see that it made my life even worse. Because of the alcohol addiction, my decision-making in life was affected and resulted in failures.

Thank God, He made me realize that the way I was living with all these worldly pleasures and sinful lusts were wrong. I believe it was the Holy Spirit who illumined me. I prayed to God that He might lead me to the right path. I praise and thank God He answered my prayers by allowing me to meet my wife. God used her to share to me the Gospel. I was reminded that God had already sent people to share the Gospel with me even before this, but I rejected many times because I was blinded by all the pleasures of this worldOn October 29, 2016, I accepted Jesus Christ as my personal Lord and Saviour. Since then, my life has changed. I was slowly able to overcome my dependence on alcoholic drinks and to turn away from those sinful and lustful ways of living. By the grace of God, he had me to a good church that teaches the correct ways and doctrines of the Bible.

Testimony of Calling

God had also given me the privilege to study His words more deeply with the help of my brother-in-law whom He used to offer me the FEBC online courses. I believe it was not by accident but by God’s perfect plan and will for my life. Since then, the Holy Spirit convicted me to be more involved in God’s work. I slowly enjoyed participating in church activities and having fellowship with my fellow believers. The more I studied the Word of God, the more this conviction in me grew. There is a burden telling my heart to serve God full-time and to be a fisher of souls. Every time I heard and read His words, I heard God’s call. Matthew 9:37–38 and Matthew 6:19–34 were some passages that convicted me most to serve Him full-time, showing me the lack of fishers of man and how He promises that everything I need will be provided.

But despite the conviction of His Words, the revelation of the Holy Spirit, and the people whom God used for His calling, there were doubts. I was questioning the capabilities that I may not have. It discouraged me to offer my life fully to God. The lack of spiritual wisdom, ability and lack of self-capacity hindered me. I was thinking about how to overcome them if I study a full-time in FEBC, which is known for its high standard regarding its teaching of God’s Word. Another thought is with regard to my family, profession, and job. All of these hindered me to offer myself. I then tried to turn away from God’s calling, thinking that maybe I had been influenced by a person or some other thing. So many reasons entered into my thoughts, which made me presumptuous, but despite being rebellious, God never left me. There was this heaviness inside of me that I can't explain. I felt empty every time I strayed away from God. But praise and thank God that He answered all those hindrances and doubts within me through His Words.

Exodus 4:14–16 revealed to me that when God calls, He will provide all that I need. 1 Corinthians 1:17–31 says, God chooses the foolish things to confound the wise, and God hath chosen the weak of the world to confound the things which are mighty. Luke 14:25–27 tells me that a disciple must be willing to give up everything. It is not that I will abandon my family and not provide for them anymore, but to serve God full-time so that in the future, I may provide not just material and physical needs but most of all, spiritual things. It is the most needful here in life.

Testimonies of Florante Cabanas

Testimony of Salvation

I am Florante Cabanas, married to Josieliza Cala Cabanas, and a father of three children. My salvation journey started when I got married to my longtime girlfriend. For 11 years, we were separated with no contact at all. I worked in Manila and she was in Singapore. She became a Christian here in Singapore. When we contacted each other again, I proposed to her, but she refused because she said that she cannot marry an unbeliever. So I decided to follow her and do what she asked me to do like reading the Bible in order to win her heart again, but behind all these was my plan to bring her back to the Roman Catholic faith.

I thought I succeeded, but God had a plan for me. When we got married, we suffered financial problems, and it was the time that I begged for help from God. The Lord gave me an opportunity to work abroad. At that time, since we got married, there were no changes in my life. I was still an unbeliever, full of vices and worldly desires. Then my wife decided to download Rev. Quek's sermons into my phone before I went back to Qatar. One day I decided to listen to a sermon, then the Lord convicted my heart. Since then I have loved to read the Bible and listen to sermons every day. I started to share God's Word to my coworkers. The Lord also took away all my vices and my worldly desires. Then after a year, I decided to serve God full time.

Testimony of Calling

After God granted me salvation, there was always a desire in me to preach the Gospel every day of my life. I also began to dislike the bad words I used before. By His grace, He has changed me. God planted in my heart the desire to go to a Bible School.

I experienced for the first time in my life that my heart always longed for isolated places in Qatar where I would be away from many people. Every day after my dinner, I would go to a place in our camp away from people and there kneel at the desert, calling on the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. A few weeks later I told my wife that I would serve God fulltime and I wanted to go to a Bible School. My wife supported what God has planned for me. She gave me someone who could help me. I contacted that person about my desire. He suggested me to go to Gethsemane Bible Institute (GBI) in Cebu to study. That became our first plan, but in a few days, that plan changed. My wife came back to message me that it would be better for me to submit first to our Pastor in the Philippines. I set aside the first plan and the second plan was implemented.

At that time in Qatar, our company started to have difficulties because there were not many projects. I prayed to God, “Lord, if it is my time to receive the termination letter, this will lead me to serve you full time.” Within a few months I received the termination letter. I went back home and submitted to our Pastor. In just a few months, my Pastor put me in the Sunday School. At first, I was very happy to preach God’s Word because it was a great privilege to be used by God in His work. But after a few months later, I felt my knowledge was inadequate. I asked my Pastor, if it was really okay that I did not have to go to a Bible School. He replied that it was okay. He told me to just keep on teaching in the Sunday School and continue driving the tricycle as those are already service to God. But in my heart, the word of God in Matthew 6:24 reminded me that I cannot serve God and mammon.

I continued to earn our livelihood through driving a tricycle until there came a time that my service to God slowed down. God reminded me again of Matthew 6:24. I told my wife about my conviction. I did many other options for livelihood, like selling fish, but still I felt I was out of God’s will. While I was sitting, I told my wife that I should follow God’s will in my life. When I scrolled through my cell phone and I saw again the name of the person that God had prepared for me before. I chatted with him if I could study in a Bible school in Singapore, and he told me that there is a possibility so I was very happy. I could see all of God's plans for my life. Sadly, our Pastor kicked us out of the church, and we did not go to church anymore. We went to a church so far away and I said to myself, “Whom should I follow? My pastor or God’s calling for me to be used by Him?” God has given me the strength not to please anyone but only Him. I am sure that God has called me to full time to service.

I am very thankful to God that my fleshly desires are now replaced with spiritual desires, by His grace alone. He gives me the desire to preach the Gospel of God's grace. All glory be unto God!

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