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Praise the LORD! Our God is great in His faithfulness. He is our promise-keeping God who recorded in the Scriptures, “… Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, and thou shalt be saved, and thy house” (Acts 16:31). That is why we should not be tired or give up in sharing God’s Word and praying for our family members! The Lord is showing us that Jesus saves! Below is the testimony of our Bro Jude’s wife, Agnes, a wonderful manifestation of His great love for families. — Bro Jose

Testimony of Agnes O. Gabales

Before I accepted the Lord Jesus

I am Agnes Gabales, born on December 9, 1974. My parents are Roman Catholics but they did not attend church. My dad is a leader of his own church practicing black magic and doing cultic rituals where his followers will join in prayer/service including me and my mother. My dad is a so-called healer and many of his followers would flock for prayer, healing, and fellowship. When I was young, my father did not want me to go to school because he reasoned that it is not important for women to have education as they will only become housewives once they get married. I am blessed because my mother secretly sent me to school so that I would know how the world works and not be ignorant of this world. I am thankful of my mother that she taught me and raised me up well in that manner. I remember one time I was kidnapped when I was a little girl but there was somebody who came to rescue me and defeated the kidnappers. I did not know who that man was. I thought he was my guardian angel who came in the right moment to save me from being taken away. I am sure God did it and still has a purpose for me.

When I was twenty-one years old, I got married and had two children of two years gap. Later on after twelve years, our marriage did not last and our bonds as husband and wife weakened. The problem was not due to any third party relationships as the world is, but because my ex-husband did not provide for the family needs, so we always had that on-off relationship. It was difficult for me and our children as we did not have anything to provide for them due to my ex-husband’s expenditure and other activities outside of the family. The time came when I was truly fed up and so I decided to put a stop to it. In time, I met Jude from a seminar on how to open the third eye. I became friends with Jude’s sister and found out that my father and her mother are family acquaintances in Mindanao. Eventually, me and Jude became friends and were in a complicated relationship. We knew it was wrong since I was not separated yet with my ex-husband during that time. To cut it short, I got annulled with my ex-husband and I continued having a relationship with Jude until we had a daughter, Arrianna, in 2013 and we got married in March 2016 in Singapore. That year I was diagnosed with enlargement of the heart and blockages in the arteries so the doctor advised me to go for angioplasty operation. Since we did not have money, we did not bother about it and at some point, I stopped taking the prescribed medicines. Around September of the same year, my husband, Jude, informed me that he was going for Bible studies and night classes. I let him be as it was not of much concern to me. Also, it was good that he was going for church activities so he does not always go out drinking with his buddies and as long as he continues to support us as the head of the family. After months of living a normal life with my family, my husband suddenly informed me that he is buying clothes in preparation for baptism. I did not know what happened to me but I got so angry why he would get baptized in another church as we were already Christians under the Roman Catholic faith. I even wanted to get a divorce and did not talk to him for more than a month. After a month or so, I was not as angry anymore so we communicated once again and went back to being a normal family. I did not know why I did those things to begin with. From time to time, Jude would share Bible verses sometimes and try to convince me of something which I think was kind of awkward for me and felt like a joke at that time. I even told him he could convince me to join his church but not very soon. It may even take a very long time, or not at all. I would not want to bother with his newfound religion as long as he continues to support our family. Family is the most important thing to me and I would be ready to do anything to protect my family. This continued on until early next year of 2018 when my husband told me he will come home for a vacation. He told me he will be conducting a Bible study with Deccarlo’s family in Lapu-Lapu City. Well, I was happy that he was coming home. Our daughter was also growing up so fast that he needs to be here with us. He brought us to Gethsemane Bible-Presbyterian Church Cebu for worship on Sundays. I am fine with him bringing us to Church as long as he is with us. Nothing much happened but it felt good. We also went for a Bible study in his family home in Pardo through Rev Reggor Galarpe.

In the later months of 2018, I felt shortness of breath so I went back to the doctor for check-up. It was found that my heart has already enlarged to 65% and the doctor was alarmed that he asked me to immediately go for the angioplasty operation that he prescribed me since 2016. It was possible that I would also need to go for a by-pass operation which I certainly hoped I would not need to go for. I prayed that the Lord will help me with my afflictions. Sometimes I would think why I had to go through such pain and difficulty. What have I done to deserve such sickness when I try to do what seems to be right and I never disturb other people unless they disturb my family. I would most of the times keep it to myself and not even tell my husband, but from time to time, he will comfort me even sharing God’s Word how we are sinful people and even deserving damnation in hell. I asked him if heaven and hell are real so he sent me verses in the Bible about them. After some time of taking medicines, the pain and shortness of breath stopped. Then in October 2018, my husband and his friends, Deccarlo and Jose, came to Cebu to start the Christian Bible Fellowship which I eventually attended whenever my husband returns from Singapore as he will be conducting the Bible studies. I was happy for my husband that he is really turning a new leaf in his life. He was once a drunkard and a chain smoker that I could not imagine that he could stop having vices in his life. As it is written in 2 Corinthians 5:17, “Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new.” If my husband is really serving the True God, then God is truly working in his life. I am not sure if I can also do the same, but my husband told me that our God is a God of the family. He never forsakes the rest of the family but also sanctifies them in a way that they too will be led to His promises of salvation and life eternal. Every time my husband comes home, church-going was never an option but a responsibility in obeying God. It would tear me up whenever I hear the preaching in church and even with the hymns we are singing.

When I accepted the Lord Jesus

In the following year, January 2019, my husband asked me if I was ready to say the sinner’s prayer with him but I told him I was not ready and that I would need more time especially to think back of all the sins I have committed so I can ask for forgiveness to the Lord. That was also the day he was flying back to Singapore, so my husband did not force but we just hugged and said a prayer before he left. After a few days, I could not sleep well because my heart palpitations were erratic and I felt shortness of breath again. It went on for almost a month where I could not sleep well and I experienced some bad dreams and maybe delusions as well. When my husband came back home in February 2019, he saw how sickly and thin I was. I could not sleep well. He would pray for me asking for God’s mercy and grace. On February 3, 2019, a Lord’s Day night, my husband asked me if I am ready to say the sinner’s prayer with him. With my difficulty of sleeping and breathing, I was convicted to really look to the Lord and ask for His leading and guidance. I was also ready to receive Jesus as my Lord and my Saviour. So my husband explained to me again what needs to be done and after he opened up in prayer, I followed to pray the sinner’s prayer. I was truly weeping and felt comforted afterwards. Then our daughter, Arrianna, also prayed the sinner’s prayer with my husband thereafter and also received the Lord Jesus. Praise the Lord for His mercies and grace.

It was not just spiritual blessings we received from God that night but also one of spiritual battles. As recalled by my husband what happened during that night, I kept jerking up to catch some breath every few minutes and from time to time I would mumble some words. My husband would brush it off but he could not sleep well while I kept waking up every few minutes. On the second and third nights, the same thing happened but weird as my husband would say that it was like I was possessed or that some kind of evil entity was using me to speak with him and try to disturb us especially with our relationship in Christ. By God’s strength and grace, my husband did not waver but continued in the faith and even prayed and read the Bible for those nights when I did have those episodes. In the mornings, I cannot remember what happened but my husband would tell me about it. It was also by God’s guidance that Bro Jose was also coming to Cebu from Bohol as he would be flying back to Singapore on February 5, 2019. He went to our house and conducted a family worship together with our staff (from the water business we are managing) and said a prayer in our room. The next day, we also invited Rev Reggor and he also conducted a family worship and said a prayer for us. I thank the Lord that He provided us people to intercede for us in prayer that we may be comforted in the Lord. My husband was supposed to fly back to Singapore that night but he extended his leave and stayed. That night we checked in to a hospital for my heart palpitations and shortness of breath. With the two nights stay in the hospital and with all the medicines, I immediately was able to sleep well and I eventually regained my health. That was one of the worst things that happened to us but I thank the Lord that He was the one who gave me life to be born again in Him and to live for Him. I thank the Lord for how He moved the heart of my husband to believe in Him so that I too and our daughter can believe and follow the Lord Jesus, our Savior and God. It is by God’s grace that I am saved through faith in Him. I am still struggling with my walk in Christ but I ask God for strength to continue in the faith according to the hope that I received from Him. “…Verily, verily, I say unto thee, Except a man be born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God. For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.” John 3:3,16. All glory and praise to God. Amen.

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