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The Lord Jesus Christ said in Luke 10:2, “The harvest truly is great, but the labourers are few: pray ye therefore the Lord of the harvest, that he would send forth labourers into his harvest.” In John 4:35, He also said, “Say not ye, There are yet four months, and then cometh harvest? behold, I say unto you, Lift up your eyes, and look on the fields; for they are white already to harvest.” These verses show us two things: 1) the lack of labourers and 2) the harvest is ready. Below is a testimony of one whom God called to labour for His harvest. Roel hails from Manolo Fortich, Bukidnon. Please pray for him and that the Lord will send MORE who will respond to His call especially from our country! Roel will be supported by Calvary Tengah BPC. – Bro Jose

Testimonies of Roel De Guzman Requirme

Testimony of Salvation

First and foremost, before stating anything with regards to my salvation story, I would like to give all my praises to our Almighty and Sovereign God who rules the whole affairs of this material universe and the One who chose me before the foundation of the world. My salvation story goes like this: I grew up in a non-Christian family. My upbringing shaped the way I viewed the world. It affects my decision making every now and then, being a pure Roman-Catholic on both sides. I was taught that the only true church among all the churches in the world was our church, the Mother Church (Roman Catholic). That religious system really sank in and influenced me a lot at a young age, so I tried to be religious, thinking that my good works would somehow add to my merit so that someday God will accept me in heaven. I was indeed active in our church activities like Youth for Christ (YFC), since then, the only thing that inculcated in my mind was that, this is my world, my religion, and my spiritual satisfaction. I tried to go on silently with my belief, do the things that I am used to, until I was in my 3rd year High School, a friend of mine, specifically one of my neighbors invited me to join a young people’s conference in their group. Out of curiosity I joined the event together with my other non-Christian friends. I heard messages about the love of God manifested through His Son, the Lord Jesus Christ, but had no impact from within. Things went well, my flesh personally enjoyed the games but still felt the spiritual dryness and emptiness inside. The conference ended just like an ordinary day.

The church invited us to join in their worship service the Sunday after the event. Out of respect for them we went to the church, and the pastor talked to us, reviewing the messages and related them to God’s grand plan of eternal salvation to sinful mankind. Then God (Holy Spirit) convicted me in a very unusual way where He opened my heart and mind about spiritual matters and gave me a spiritual appetite, the Word of God showed to me that I am a sinner and in need of a Savior. At first I find it hard to accept that salvation is that easy, just to have faith in Jesus Christ and I will be saved. The Pastor went further by explaining to us God Himself is the standard, and my good works are as good as nothing just like filthy rags before the eyes of a Holy God, when most of the time I’ve been thinking that I can do something to gain the favor of God especially my salvation. I then realized that I was so wrong. I was really sincere with my belief, but I was sincerely wrong, and contemplated that the heart of the matter is the problem of my heart, that I am a sinner, deserving of the eternal wrath of God, to be thrown in hell, and to be separated from God because I come short of the Divine standard of His Holiness. Because of those realizations, I bowed down my head and prayed heartily asking for forgiveness and deliverance from the penalty of my sin and accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior.

Jesus Christ gave life, color, and beauty in my life. He gave me a sense of meaning, a sense of purpose, and a sense of direction of a sheep who was once gone astray without a Shepherd. From that time on, I went to a Christian church Sunday after Sunday because that I was so thirsty for spiritual knowledge. God gave me the desire and I really enjoyed the new things that I learned about Christianity and the basics of Christian life. As weeks, months, and years went by, I never returned to my old belief. Though there were so many challenges along the way especially with my family, my friends, my lifestyle and everything, things really changed, and Jesus changed me. This is my simple salvation story on how I encountered Jesus Christ, and until now, I am sustained by His eternal grace, enjoying the free gift of eternal salvation for an undeserving sinner like me. I praise Him for He chose me. He took me out from the dark bondage of sin and brought me to the marvelous light through my Lord Jesus Christ who died on my behalf. I now desire to know God more and to make Him known to others. Praised be to God forever.

Testimony of Calling

At my young age, where I encountered Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior, I then proceeded with my journey of faith, but still dreaming to finish my studies, after I graduated High School. I was given the opportunity to continue in college, and since I love computer works, I went to a Computer School and took up Information Technology in Cagayan de Oro City. I studied there as a working student. I was determined to finish my studies, so I practiced my personal time management and gave my best while studying, and by God’s sustaining grace, every single day I was also reading my Bible. Then one Sunday I came to our church just like ordinary Sundays to worship. I was listening attentively at that time and looking at our Church’ Pastor and all of a sudden, in my heart, I wanted to stand behind that pulpit someday. I was personally amazed because never in my wildest dream did I desire to be a pastor, but God ignited something from within, and as my secular graduation was fast approaching, God gave me the desire to study in a certain Seminary. Trying to ponder deeply on that desire, where I considered a lot of things because my family was against that plan.

Right after my graduation, the school offered me to work with them, and I decided to decline and followed the desire of my heart. I went to a Bible School, and there God taught me something different. He really broke me into pieces, and made me realize that it’s not about me, and it’s all about Him. Thrice in my seminary days I attempted to quit, but God used people as instruments to push me to move forward, so I prayed hard, and asked God that If I am really called, He will be with me and provide all my needs, and sustain me as I move forward. Indeed, God is really great. He guided me, molded me, and provided all my needs. While studying in my 3rd year level where I took up Bachelor of Religious Education, I was given the opportunity to teach part-time in Bible School handling Computer subjects for Seminary students. After 4 years of studying, the men have to go for internship, but among my male classmates, I decided to stay in School, hold my Internship, and proceeded to another course, that is Bachelor of Theology.

I did my Internship at Heritage Baptist Church, Davao City. Things went well while having my Internship. I was exposed to different places, different people, different church ministries, and experienced abounding grace. God really taught me a lot of things where I never learned in my seminary days. And my prayer to God always, is, “God, bring me somewhere in Your ministry where I can glorify You the most.”

As my graduation was approaching, I received verbal calls, to stay in the place of my Internship as Assistant Pastor and the other is to teach full-time in the Bible School where I studied. But a week before my graduation, I met a vehicular accident with my motorcycle where I landed in the hospital. Because I had a fractured leg, I needed to undergo a leg-fracture surgery, so during my graduation time, I was there in the Hospital waiting for my operation schedule. I prayed hard and decided to decline all my ministry opportunities due to my condition. I needed to rest, and as I meditated and contemplated on that incident, I personally believed that it is part of God’s sovereignty and God has a specific purpose for allowing it. Personally I am fully convinced of my calling in the ministry because the desire of my heart remains until today. God knows what’s best for me. I am excited to explore the new things in the ministry where God is about to expose, as I am presently enjoying Him today. Since then, God implanted in my heart to proceed to further studies. I may not know my future, but I know the One Who holds it — my sovereign God Who chose me and called me into a full-time ministry. Sola Gratia!

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