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Below is my proposal submitted to Pastor, the Rev Dr Jeffrey Khoo on behalf of the FilBF. It is observed that there is an increasing need for us to monitor the different missions work conducted in the Philippines particularly in Mindanao where the bulk of our work is concentrated. Another observation is the increased cost of materials and other resources when sourced out in Singapore. With the proposal below, there is a possibility we can locally use the available materials not only for a cheaper cost but for the sake of sustainability of the ministries there.

It is also the desire that this office can work on the translation of teaching materials, literatures (such are RPG’s), hymns and others into our dialect. This will benefit the pastors and brethren in villages who have difficulty in the English language. This will give them more understanding on the Biblical doctrines especially on daily Christian living.

I encourage you to pray for this plan. This has been prayed for by the leaders of the FilBF. May the Lord reveal His will for this project whether to pursue it or not. Our honest intention is to glorify God in fulfilling His Great Commission to all believers. “And Jesus came and spake unto them, saying, All power is given unto me in heaven and in earth. Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost: Teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you: and, lo, I am with you alway, even unto the end of the world. Amen.” (Matthew 28:18–20).

Proposal: True Life Bible-Presbyterian Church - Philippine Bible Ministries Station in Philippines


The Lord has blessed the True Life Bible-Presbyterian Church – Philippines Bible Ministries (TLBPC-PBC) with various programs implemented for the past few years. It is the prayer of those involved in the Philippines Bible Ministries to continue God’s great commission (Matthew 28:18–20) being fulfilled in this avenue. There is therefore a desire to have a local station/office in the Philippines to sustain its ministries in the future until the Lord returns.

The TLBPC-PBC has already conducted four (4) Pastor’s Bible Conferences, three (3) Young People’s Bible Conferences, two (2) Church Worker’s Workshop/Sunday School Teachers’ Training, Vacation Bible School Training, Bible Equipping Seminar and Training (BEST), Vacation Bible Schools and several other programs for almost a decade. The Lord graciously provided and gave success to these ministries. All of these programs are Bible-centred and designed towards the salvation of souls and the edification of the saints for the glory of God.

It is the prayer of the people behind this ministry to sustain and improve these programs for the next generation, should the Lord tarries. Sustaining the programs can be done by locally preparing and publishing necessary materials needed. This means cheaper materials and labour costs. Moreover, there are opportunities to publish translated materials, hymns and devotionals for the church workers and believers. Churches can avail of these resources for use in ministries.

A local station/office established in Mindanao, particularly in Bukidnon where most of the programs are held is deemed necessary. A supervising person and a personnel-in-charge are needed to facilitate the work of preparation, translation and publication of materials. They are also responsible to take care of whatever the Lord will provide for the equipment and supplies of the station.

General objective:

To establish a local station/office of True Life Bible-Presbyterian Church-Philippines Bible Ministries in order to produce and publish a Bible-centred and God-glorifying materials for the ministries in the Philippines.

Specific objectives:

  1. To facilitate the programming of various activities of the TLBPC-PBM.
  2. To prepare materials needed by the various programs and activities.
  3. To translate important materials, hymns and devotionals into dialects.
  4. To design materials for the Vacation Bible Schools and teaching aids for Sunday school ministries.
  5. To provide a learning resource centre for church pastors, leaders and teachers.


  1. Rent of place (including bills) for the TLBPC-PBM station
  2. Supervising person – Mrs Patria Solidum (CertRK, FEBC)
  3. Personnel-in-charge – Ms Aprilaiza Sible (BRE, FEBC)
  4. Officer-in-charge – Jose Lagapa (full-time worker of TLBPC)
  5. Equipment and supplies – as the need arises

Terms and Conditions:

  1. The TLBPC-PBM station is a ministry under True Life Bible-Presbyterian Church.
  2. All programs and other activities of the station are subject to the approval of the TLBPC session.
  3. The TLBPC-Filipino Bible Fellowship (FilBF) will provide the monthly financial requirements of the house rental, supervising person and personnel-in-charge.
  4. All materials (originally produced or translated) through the TLBPC-PBM are considered properties of True Life Bible-Presbyterian Church.
  5. The personnel-in-charge is to hold office in the station from Monday to Friday (7 hours) and Saturday (5 hours). However, as a full time servant of God she is to be available anytime her service is required for the work of the Lord.
  6. The personnel-in-charge is to report programs and updates to the supervising person (Prof Solidum) for immediate cases and/or to the officer-in-charge (Jose Lagapa) for important matters concerning the ministry.
  7. The officer-in-charge (Jose Lagapa) will liaise and refer to the TLBPC session for any matters concerning the PBM station/office.

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