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Vol. XV No. 31
29 April 2018
“The LORD is in his holy temple: let all the earth keep SILENCE before him.”
Call WorshipPastor Jeffrey Khoo
Opening HymnO Worship the King
Invocation/Gloria Patri
Responsive ReadingPsalm 47
HymnThe Universal Sovereignty of Christ
Music MinistryInstrumental Trio
Offerings/HymnThe King of Love My Shepherd Is
Doxology/Pastoral PrayerPastor Jeffrey Khoo
Scripture TextDaniel 7:1–14
SermonThy Kingdom Is Forever
(Pastor Jeffrey Khoo)
Closing HymnI Love Thy Kingdom Lord!
BenedictionPastor Jeffrey Khoo

Daily Vacation Bible College

After the academic term ends every year, FEBC holds a Daily Vacation Bible College (DVBC)—a week-long series of lectures on a special subject—a one-credit hour course. This year we have Ko Ling Kang to teach on “Calvinism: The Old versus The New”. Ling Kang is a BTh and MDiv graduate of Far Eastern Bible College, and has just completed his ThM studies in historical theology at Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary (Grand Rapids, USA). He serves as Preacher at Calvary Pandan Bible-Presbyterian Church. I am sure he has much to offer. Here is his introduction to the course:

“In 2009, Time Magazine listed “New Calvinism” as 3rd in its list of “10 Ideas Changing the World Right Now”. It described how “Calvinism is back” and is “Evangelicalism’s latest success story”. Indeed, in the past 10 years, there has been a renewed interest in Reformed theology throughout churches in America, and this has changed the landscape of evangelical Christianity. With their pervasive use of the internet and social media, the influence of these New Calvinists has been felt worldwide.

“Many are lauding this latest trend as an unprecedented revival in modern times, trumpeting it as an undeniable act of God in bringing churches back to orthodoxy and sound doctrines. Yet their brand of Calvinism is not a pure one. Although they seem to adopt aspects of Calvinistic soteriology (doctrine of salvation) and do emphasize the sovereignty of God, many of their teachings and practices fall short of what true historic Calvinism really is. Peter Masters of Metropolitan Tabernacle described it as a ‘seriously distorted Calvinism… not a resurgence but an entirely novel formula which strips the doctrine of its historic practice, and unites it with the world.’

“This course seeks to make an objective assessment of this new movement, looking into its history, theology and practices, comparing them against true historic Calvinism, and ultimately against the truth of God’s Word.”

Here are the 10 lecture topics: (1) John Calvin and Calvinism, (2) Spread of Calvinism, (3) Decline of Calvinism, (4) “Reformed Resurgence”, (5) Old vs New: Bible, (6) Old vs New: Spiritual Gifts, (7) Old vs New: Worship, (8) Old vs New: Separation/Ecumenism, (9) Old vs New: Missions & Evangelism, (10) Old vs New: Piety/Worldliness.

Do come for a time of intensive and systematic study of doctrine. In such a time as this, we need to be learn to be discerning in a doctrinally confusing age. Heed the warning of Scripture: “Now the Spirit speaketh expressly, that in the latter times some shall depart from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits, and doctrines of devils; … Take heed unto thyself, and unto the doctrine; continue in them: for in doing this thou shalt both save thyself, and them that hear thee.” (1 Tim 4:1, 16).

Classes from Monday to Friday, 8.30am–12pm at FEBC, lectures in the Life B-P Church Sanctuary. More details in the registration brochure at the reception table. Don’t miss this DVBC.

Graduation Service and Mersing Retreat

FEBC’s 43rd Graduation Service will be held at Calvary Pandan Bible-Presbyterian Church on the Lord’s Day, May 6, 2018, 6 pm. A number of students under True Life scholarship will be graduating. Come and rejoice with them. Rev Kiantoro Lie, pastor of Calvary Batam Bible-Presbyterian Church will be the graduation speaker. Dinner reception after service. All are welcome.

The day after the Graduation Service, the FEBC family will head to Resort Lautan Biru, our home away from home for her annual retreat, May 7–9. Two busloads. Please pray for journey mercies.

3rd Bible Lands Pilgrimage

After the Mersing Retreat, FEBC will embark on its 3rd Bible Lands Pilgrimage (Turkey & Greece), May 13–23. The 7 churches of Revelation will be visited. There are a total of 46 pilgrims. Students earn 2 credits when they submit a research project after the trip.

News from Alumni

Pr Li Yahui

How time flies! It is almost two years since I graduated from FEBC. Thank God for His grace and mercy to see me through one-and-half years of service in the Mustard Seed BPC. As you know the differences between me and that sister, I decided to take a separated stand and left that church (since she is the founder). As it was hard for me to start another ministry in that same place, I returned to my hometown during the Chinese New Year period. As I experienced this, I was determined to pray and wait upon the Lord for guidance. During this period, I am involved in the vetting of the Chinese hymnbook under sister Yijie and Calvary Pandan BPC, translating RPG into Chinese, proofreading Jianwei’s Chinese translation of Rev. Koshy’s book, and preaching in my hometown church when they invited me and gave me freedom to preach the Word of God.

I am determined to restart the Mustard Seed BPC in another place, but there are no like-minded brethren to serve together yet. During this period of time, brother Jianwei, Shuaiyong and Pr Clement suggested that I go back to FEBC for the further study of God’s Word. Elder John also suggested the same, and asked me to help the Chinese congregation of Tabernacle BPC if possible. As I waited upon the Lord, I realized that this is really a special opportunity which the Lord has prepared for me to go back to study His Word. Firstly, I recalled what you have said to me just before I graduated from FEBC. After you told me that I passed my Hebrew Reading, you asked me what I would do—to continue with my studies or go back to China to serve the Lord. I said I would like to go back to serve first, and if there is a need for further studies, I believe the Lord would open a way for me to come back.

Will FEBC give me this opportunity? If the Lord grant me this opportunity, concerning the programme, I would like to apply for the MDiv. (29 March 2018)

Rev Stephen Masila

I greatly and gratefully praise the Lord for the successful 15th church anniversary thanksgiving service which the Lord God of heaven gave us last Lord’s Day. Rev. Eben Yoon preached from 2 Timothy 3:14–17: “Continue Thou.”

For these 15 years of God’s service He has enabled us to establish nine new congregations and we give Him all the glory and praise. We have also started an orphanage in the church premises which houses 80 orphans. These are vulnerable children and majority of them have come to accept the Lord as their personal Saviour. They are all involved in Sunday school ministry and youth ministry. They go to the nearby primary school.

Pray for us we want to build a new worship sanctuary. The one we are currently using is small. The Lord of the harvest has graciously increased worshipers. We built a porch as an extension but still this has proved not to be the solution. We resolved to build a new worshiping sanctuary because we have enough space to erect 110ft long by 30ft wide. We have purchased some materials and started the foundation. Pray for the Lord’s provision.

Pray for me as I minister to the congregation at Mitaboni, and visit these newly established congregations. Pray for me as I continue to teach at Bible College of East Africa.

May the Lord’s great grace and perfect peace be multiplied unto you all at Far Eastern Bible College. (28 March 2018)

Dr Jose Lagapa

True Life Bible-Presbyterian Church (TLBPC) is indeed a great blessing from the Lord our God towards the Filipinos. Not only does God use this church to start and support a Filipino ministry here in Singapore, but He has also been extending great help to the brethren in Philippines. One of these is the scholarships given to those who are taking online courses in Far Eastern Bible College (FEBC).

Through the teachings they receive from FEBC, the Lord uses them to serve in some churches and other ministries such as the university campus. Dr Einstine Opiso is an assistant professor in the College of Engineering, Central Mindanao University (CMU), Musuan, Bukidnon, is currently an online student of FEBC and serving as Faculty Adviser of the Christian Students’ Fellowship (CSF) in Central Mindanao University. CSF is a campus ministry for CMU students from fundamental churches as well as reaching out the campus for Christ. He also preaches once a month in a nearby village church. Prof Patria Solidum who is to graduate this May with a Certificate in Religious Knowledge from FEBC through online studies was also the adviser of CSF before she retired from the University.

A former member of CSF who is now working in the Provincial Agriculture Office, Bukidnon is also studying online in FEBC. He preaches in his home church and as well as other fundamental Baptist churches. Praise the Lord that he is back in CSF but this time as a speaker during the fellowship’s “Love and Courtship Seminar.” Thank God, Deneb used the lessons learned from FEBC online course by meditating on God’s Word through Rev Tow’s book on “The Sevenfold Will of God.” We continue to pray that they will put to good use the knowledge they have learned from their online studies.

Setsuko Takashima

To True Life B-P Church. Greetings in the Lord Jesus Christ. Thank you very much for your kindness. I have received your precious gift by the Lord on April 3 from Japan PO (“The sum of Japanese Yen 15,935 only”). I enjoy to inform that He is kind to me that I don’t go to the doctors nor take medicine though I will become 85 years old this May. I can walk and go to the mountain though not distant walk. Today throughout Japan is full cherry blossom season. We enjoy spring season after winter. In this season, we have not only cherry but many camellia flowers and plums also. Near my church, there is a nice mountain and if it does not rain I usually go there too. I enjoy to see spring flowers.

I thank God, though many Japanese elders are troubled by their life—many walk with stick and small bag, they go to the doctors and take medicines and have false teeth put in—I don’t need false teeth till now, but I need the stick when I walk.

I enjoy to see your country Singapore on TV. I have been praying for your church. (5 April 2018)

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