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Vol. XV No. 15
7 January 2018
“The LORD is in his holy temple: let all the earth keep SILENCE before him.”
Call WorshipDn Charles Kan
Opening HymnAnother Year Is Dawning
Invocation/Gloria Patri
Responsive ReadingPsalm 90
HymnUnder the Sun
Offerings/HymnTake My Life and Let It Be
Doxology/PrayerDn Charles Kan
Scripture TextDaniel 1:1–2
Pastoral PrayerPastor Jeffrey Khoo
SermonGod Judges and Punishes
(Pastor Jeffrey Khoo)
Closing HymnJesus Is Coming Again
BenedictionPastor Jeffrey Khoo

Rev Dr Park Seung Kyu

Remembering this past year, it is clear that God’s grace is abundant and infinite. Before the year ends and we usher in another brand new year, I would like to share the works of God and what He has done for me in East Africa.

Bible College

We have 18 students who are currently studying in Bible College of East Africa (BCEA) Tanzania. The day for the students starts at 5 am and ends at 10 pm. If the students are not in the pink of health, it will be hard for them to endure the tough daily schedule. Please pray for the health of both students and staff.

Back in May, we had a graduation ceremony. Two students graduated after a two-year course. Even though the numbers are few, we are doing our best. These graduates will further their studies at BCEA Kenya.

Most of the students at BCEA Tanzania have difficulties with English. So, it is quite challenging for them to understand the lectures as they are all in English. Please pray for the students to adapt well to the college environment and to their studies and to complete their course successfully. Pray they will return to school with a joyous and eager heart in the new semester.

BCEA Tanzania needs a female dormitory. The two female students are currently housed in a storeroom that has been renovated into a dormitory. In order to take in more female students, it is essential for us to build a female dormitory as soon as possible.

The school needs to build a water tower as well. A professional architect from Korea will be visiting us in January 2018 and we will see how we can jumpstart the building of the water tower. We have already secured three 10,000L water tanks for this project.

There was a period when electricity was cut off from the school for 40 days. During that time, it was too hard to manage the school without electricity. Thus, with the help of Calvary Pandan BPC, we were able to purchase a generator and have been able to power up the whole school when electricity is cut off.

The school is located near a river (Usa River). As such there is a problem of flooding during the raining season. To solve this problem we decided to build a wall around the school. We decided to use stones and cement to build the school wall. The construction of this stone wall has been ongoing since the start of 2017. It is still ongoing. Please pray for us that the construction will be completed smoothly and soon. Once the wall is completed, it will keep the flood waters out, and also enhance the school’s security and safety, for there have been a number of burglaries.

BCEA Rwanda (Kigali) was newly opened at the beginning of 2017. With Rev Dr Mark Kim Kyung Soo, I have conducted intensive courses in BCEA Rwanda. I have lectured from the book of Exodus and will teach the book of Joshua next. With the help and support from a church in Korea, the men’s dormitory should be ready before the start of the new term.


True Life missionary Bae Eun Young with a team of teachers came to Tanzania to conduct a Vacation Bible School (VBS). Please pray for the children who had learned the Word of God with open and willing hearts.

Our church has not been able to rectify a defect which is a crack that runs diagonally across the whole wall at the front of the church hall. The church floor has to be entirely tiled as well due to the many potholes formed over the years. Likewise, the whole school has to be tiled due to the same problem.


We have about 40 students in Chemchemi Kindergarten. Ten of our Kindergarten students graduated this year. The school has been providing free education since October 2017. The students do not have to pay any fees. We plan to increase the enrolment to 60 students. With the help of the village chief, we will pick those children living near the school. I pray and expect that this will lead to the spreading of the gospel through education in this village. Please pray for us that this selection will be done wisely and for the teachers to be granted wisdom and enthusiasm for the preparations for the new year.

Now the Kindergarten consists of a chaplain, three leading teachers and one assistant teacher. Last year, a Singaporean-Korean Esther Choo Yeo Rae came to BCEA Tanzania to assist in the Chemchemi Kindergarten. She is an experienced kindergarten teacher in Singapore, and shared her expert knowledge and ideas on early childhood education with the local teachers. We thank God that the local teachers have been willing to learn and trying their level best to apply what they have learnt in class for the benefit of the children. Please continue to pray for the teachers to have a loving heart and that they will do their best to educate the children with an enthusiastic mind and spirit.


My wife Ra Chae Won as you know resigned as an accounting professor at Handong Global University in Korea to become a student at Far Eastern Bible College (FEBC) in Singapore. She is studying for her Master of Divinity degree. Once she completes her studies, she will join BCEA as a staff and lecturer.

My eldest daughter Angela Park Jong Hwi passed her high school examinations and is now enrolled in the Bachelor of Theology programme at FEBC. She is studying together with her mother. By God’s grace, she has completed her first year well. She will be 17 years old in the new year.

My younger daughter Joyce Park Jong Eun who also passed the same high school examinations is now preparing to enrol into FEBC. In 2018 she will be 14 years old. As she is still so young, it will not be easy for her. Please pray that she would adapt well to the strict school discipline. First of all she has to get the permission from the College. Please pray for her.

Looking at life as a missionary, I can only give thanks to God our Heavenly Father and be thankful for everything and all circumstances. I am sincerely grateful for your prayers, support, encouragement and abundant love. May the Lord bless you more than now!

[Ed: The Rev Dr Park Seung Kyu is Principal of BCEA Tanzania. True Life BPC is supporting his missionary work at BCEA.]

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