Young People’s Fellowship

The Young People’s Fellowship (YPF) is a ministry for youths, particularly, students and National Servicemen. It serves as a place where like-minded brethren can gather for fellowship, encourage one another, serve the Lord together, and study His Word together.

Motto: To know Christ and to make Him known

Time and Day: 3.30pm, Saturday

On the fifth Saturdays, we have special activities planned. These include evangelism sessions, outings and visitations.


YPF Camp - Message

YPF Camp - Games

YPF Camp - Meal Time

YPF Camp - Group Photo 1

YPF Camp - Group Photo 2

Youths from Church Camp

Watchnight Service

YPF Outing

Combined Meeting with Calvary Tengah YF

1 Goldhill Plaza, #03-35, S(308899)
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