Men’s Fellowship

The Men’s Fellowship (MF) originated as an extension and sub-group of the Family Bible Fellowship (FBF). It was set up in 2017 to reach out to brothers who are seeking for a group in the church to belong to where they can find encouragement and mutual support in their Christian walk, and be built up in the faith.

The underlying motivation of the MF is love for God, family and church. The call is for men to be actively involved in doing good works in the context of family, church and community. In the context of the family, the group’s goal is to provide a dedicated platform for the man, as head of his family, to learn and share how he should provide spiritual leadership to his family.

It has for its guiding verse Hebrews 10:24, “And let us consider one another to provoke unto love and to good works.”

The MF meets every second Tuesday of the month at 7.45 pm.

8 Jan To Seek After God’s Heart
12 Feb To Be Spirit-filled
12 Mar To Be God-Fearing
9 Apr To Rejoice in the Lord Always
7* May To Be Full of Grace (1st Anniversary)
 9 Jul The Proud Man
13 Aug The Indifferent Man
10 Sep The Lonely Man
8 Oct The Angry Man
12 Nov The Directionless Man

* Note that the meeting in May is held on the first Tuesday.

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