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Dear Brethren and Friends,

Welcome to the Filipino Bible Fellowship!

Thank you for your prayers! Bros Deccarlo Igot, Jude Gabales and I went to Philippines last week to launch the Lord’s work, the Christian Bible Fellowship (CBF) in Cebu. Praise the Lord for the approval from the TLBPC session to start this ministry with the blessing from our Pastor, the Rev Dr Jeffrey Khoo.

Last Lord’s Day morning we worshipped at Gethsemane Bible Presbyterian Church in Cebu. I thank the Lord for giving me the privilege to preach during their worship service. It was the Reformation Sunday and the Lord guided me to expound Haggai 1:1–15, calling for a personal reformation through the theme, “Consider Your Ways.” It was also highlighted in their weekly bulletin, “The church reformed, always reforming” and I would say, the lives of the believers.

In the afternoon, we proceeded to Lapu-Lapu City for the inaugural meeting of the CBF. The Lord gave the theme verse for this fellowship taken from Mark 8:36, “For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?” (Mark 8:36). One may possess all the material things in this planet Earth but God says these are nothing compared to the value of a single soul. This shows how precious one soul is! It took the Lord Jesus Christ to come to this sinful world and to die on the cross to save souls from eternal death in the Lake of Fire.

Investors and entrepreneurs risk their money to venture in businesses and places hoping to gain and prosper. They do this for material profit which are unstable and volatile. Their motivations are dollars and cents. Prosperity and fame are their aims in life. They thought of these things to satisfy their lusts and pride! But the investment to bring souls to Christ is far worth it!

Christian Bible Fellowship in Philippines

Truly God is sovereign and faithful in all His ways. He leads His people in paths blessed and fruitful. Even in places we never imagined to go and see. The inaugural meeting of the Christian Bible Fellowship (CBF), an outreach of True Life BPC-Filipino Bible Fellowship, in Lapu-Lapu City, Cebu, Philippines is just one of the clear manifestations of how He predestined events in our lives.

This outreach is born out of God’s grace and mercy to our brothers Deccarlo and Jude. Both of them are from Cebu province. Under God’s providential hand the Lord saved them here in Singapore. Their blessed lives moved their hearts to reach out for their relatives in the Philippines. Since few of Bro Deccarlo’s relatives came out from Roman Catholicism and embraced the Bible as the sole basis of their faith and salvation, the FilBF endeavoured to provide them sound doctrine that will lead them into the right way. Since many of them are willing to come and study the Bible, the TLBPC-FilBF launched this CBF last October 28, 2018.

The Fellowship was held at the AA BBQ Restaurant in Pusok, Lapu-Lapu City. A room was rented for the meeting. We thank the Lord for more than 50 people who came which included the relatives and friends of Bro Deccarlo and the relatives and workers of Bro Jude. The fellowship meeting was chaired by Bro Deccarlo where he also gave the rationale of the Bible fellowship. He shared how important it is to come to know Jesus Christ and receive Him as Lord and Saviour. He emphasized the far greater value of even one soul in comparison to the temporal and vanishing things of this present world. He stressed the importance of learning from God’s Word to be assured of the eternal kingdom in heaven.

Bro Jude gave a testimony of God’s grace and mercy granting him salvation. He recalled how he was moved to search for the truth. He went through different religions and even cults in order to appease his troubled heart. By God’s providence, the Lord arranged that he would be in the same workplace with Bro Deccarlo here in Singapore, who invited him to True Life BPC and the then, Filipino Bible Study. Both Bros Deccarlo and Jude confessed Christ on December 2016 and were baptized in True Life BPC last April 2017.

I preached on the message on the “The Love of God” based on a passage from the Gospel of John 3:1–21. It describes how God’s love is according to His eternal plan, manifested by sending to us His only begotten Son and the fulfilment of His justice. It commenced with how the love of God is fulfilled based on His eternal decrees and not on man’s natural abilities. A significant emphasis was made on the Biblical doctrine of the free gift of salvation by grace through faith in Christ alone. This is in contrast to the predominant belief in the country of a false teaching on salvation by works according to the Roman Catholic Church. It ended on the just declaration of what will be the consequence to those who do not believe in Jesus Christ and a challenge for them to receive Him as their Lord and Saviour.

The Q&A was the last part of the meeting. Since nobody asked questions, Bro Deccarlo was prompted to ask the attendees if there were some of them who desire to receive Christ as their Lord and Saviour. He thought that after hearing the preaching of God’s Word it would be good to see whether they understood the message. It was a surprise to us that almost all stood up. However, when the microphone was given to me, I made at least 10 appeals for them to sit down if they were not sure and if they were just emotionally moved but without the correct understanding of why they should believe. After several calls, many of them sit down but there were around 10 people who remained standing and so I asked them to pray heartily the sinner’s prayer. This I believe was God’s confirmation for us to continue on the fellowship meetings.

The CBF is held every Lord’s Day at 2:30 pm in AA BBQ Restaurant for the first 12 Bible study meetings taking up Westminster Shorter Catechism. Lord willing, we are praying for a cheaper place where the weekly worship services can be conducted. Most of all, please pray for the God-sent servant who will co-labour with us in nurturing His people and continue evangelizing the area. Let us also pray for more souls to be saved!

Please pray for Bros Deccarlo and Jude who will be ministering to the people there every week. In spite of their busy schedule at work, they willingly go there alternately every weekend to conduct the Bible studies. Bro Stephen Gillegao, an FEBC student will also help the ministry during the school holidays.

We thank the Lord for Johnnery Ebin, a student in Gethsemane Bible Institute (GBI) who will help in the weekly Bible studies. Thank God also for the Rev Reggor Galarpe, pastor Gethsemane BPC in Cebu for attending the fellowship meeting and who is willing to extend support to this ministry – Bro Jose.

The Inaugural meeting of the Christian Bible Fellowship in Lapu-lapu City, Cebu, Philippines on October 28, 2018

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