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Praise the Lord for many of our brethren are given the gift of evangelizing to the lost. God alone gives this burden to share the Word of God to those who are still in darkness. Jenerose, who regularly joins our evangelism, had the opportunity to interview Bro Jude. Below is the edited report of the said interview. – Bro Jose

Jenerose interviews Bro Jude Thaddeus Gabales

1. In what way can a man be saved? (Please share what happened before you knew and after you received Jesus Christ as your Lord and Saviour).

The only way for man’s salvation is through the Lord Jesus Christ. Before I truly believed in Christ, I thought I knew Him on a personal level, but I was wrong. If I was already a Christian, I should be discerning and not easily fall into temptation, but I was only a Christian in name. I was so wicked and full of disgrace and shame. I was living a life of sin as a prisoner and slave of this world. I was so full of myself and proud of the corrupted things I did. But when I really knew Christ and received Him, I was reborn, free from the shackles that locked me in my depravity. I became discerning with the knowledge of God’s Word. It is only the light of Christ that exposed the darkness and sin in me (John 8:12).

2. Some Christians spend their time and strength for their career and relationship while neglecting spirituality. How are you pursuing your spiritual growth?

Before I became a believer, I focused on my career, my own happiness, relationships and other worldly things while disregarding my spiritual life. I prioritized my work in order to earn more money but it gave me no happiness. As I am now a believer in Christ, I still have to do my work, because I have a family to support, but I am not the same as before. Now, I seek God first in all the things I do. I always pray and ask for guidance from my Sovereign God who loves me and takes care of me and my family. God strengthens my spiritual life in Christ and I am blessed to see changes and renewed happiness within my family. I see the joy of the hope of eternal life with Christ. I always pray to God in order to make good decisions and to face the trials in life. I feel weak if I cannot pray to God. So praying is also one key point of my spiritual growth. I also enjoy going to worship services and fellowships every Lord’s Day. Even in evangelism, it helps me to grow spiritually as I share God’s Word. It is by constant reading, hearing of God’s Word, taking Bible classes (online & night classes), and even teaching others the gospel, helps me learn more of God. God is our great Master Teacher.

3. Do you believe that spiritual values are most important in life? Explain why.

All things about God, knowing God, and applying God's Word is most important in our lives. So yes, spiritual values take a significant role in life. That is because “by him all things consist.” (Colossians 1:17). Everything that happens in our lives have been determined by God so that even when we decide things, we have to commune with God and pray for His guidance on what actions to follow. Because only God can lead us to the right path, “…we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.” (Romans 8:28). As a Christian, living by God's moral values leads me to show my testimony of how I can be calm and strong when facing tribulations. I know that living in this world is just temporary and that our greatest hope is to live eternally with our Father in heaven. Christ strengthened and enabled me to persevere in times of persecutions and various distresses in life. “In God is my salvation and my glory: the rock of my strength, and my refuge, is in God.” (Psalm 62:7)

4. Why do you evangelize?

Through the Great Commission that the Lord Jesus gives to all Christians in Matthew 28:19–20, God has given me a burden to share Christ’s gospel. This is not because of the Bible knowledge I learned nor am I forced to evangelize, but because of the newness in me through our Lord Jesus. As a great sinner saved by God’s grace, blinded but now can see, this glorious blessing of salvation that Christ has done for me, gives an unconditional burden to share to others that they may also know the truth of salvation and share this blessing by passing unto others the gospel of salvation. It is of the irresistible grace of God that I am compelled to evangelize that others may also see the light of Christ.

Bro Jude sharing the Gospel

5. What is your method of evangelizing?

There is really no such method in evangelizing. This is because once I open my mouth to preach the gospel of salvation in Christ, the Holy Spirit provides me with the utterance to speak on God’s behalf. It is Christ Himself who is preaching while using me as the instrument to share His words. Although, I must need to have the basic knowledge of the gospel to be able to preach and make sure that I do not give false doctrines to the condemnation of the hearers and also the evangelist. As of now, I use the tract of True Life BPC which is translated into the Filipino language to be easily understood by our own Filipino countrymen. The tract is already complete which can be used to share the gospel.

6. Can you share your experience when you first evangelized?

I remember my first time sharing the gospel I was so nervous, as I usually was when I speak in front of people, especially when I was not knowledgeable of God’s Word. I didn’t know what to say or do. I felt stressed and think what if they ask me and I could not answer? Or if I suddenly freeze and would not be able to speak? A lot of things came to my mind. I am a shy person, an introvert, but God helps me to go out of my norms and gives me courage to face the challenges. I am reminded that this is for God’s glory and honour, so I have to endure and have courage. As always, God would prove me wrong and I learn from Proverbs 3:5–6, “Trust in the LORD with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths.” I am learning to trust in God in whatever circumstances for it is not how I expect things to work out but God’s.

7. How did you feel about the responses to your sharing?

At first, I felt discouraged and disappointed whenever people ignored me. It is because they missed the opportunity to hear God’s Word and be saved. I remember when I was young and some tried to evangelize to me, I took their tracts and enjoyed reading the little comics about salvation and condemnation of man. Nevertheless, I did not listen to what they said. I told them that I know God and do not need them to teach me. I was so stubborn as a staunch Roman Catholic. So now that it is my turn to evangelize, I get the same response and do understand them because I was like them.

8. What can you advise for us younger generations about this matter?

Let us not be disappointed whenever people ignore the gospel. Let us continue to persevere and endure as we do not know who the elects are and who are not. They may seem to ignore our preaching, but we do not know if they were really listening to you or not, or whether the Holy Spirit is already working in their hearts. What things we may think may not be actually correct. Let us trust in the Lord for His leading and let us continue to endure even when there are persecutions. So let us strive to do the best that we have and let Christ drive our persevering hearts to preach, evangelize, and help those who are in need.

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