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Dear Brethren and Friends,

Welcome to the Filipino Bible Fellowship!

The baptism on Resurrection Sunday, April 1, 2018, does not end our catechism. The FilBF will start a revision of the Fundamentals of the Christian Faith starting April. I encourage everyone to come and stay back for this short studies on the basics of Bible. The purpose is not only for us to be mentally knowledgeable but above all be spiritually prepared to face the challenges ahead of us as followers of the Lord Jesus Christ.

We will try to have it every 1st, 3rd and 4th Sunday of the month from 4:30–4:45 pm. The second Sunday will be spent for group prayer based on the attached grouping. In the event that there is a 5th Sunday, we will show a short Christian film. It is my prayer that you will join this proposed Bible classes.

Below are updates on the Bible Equipping Seminar and Training (BEST) conducted for lay pastors in Bukidnon, Philippines and the recent soul-winning activities of the Ambassadors for Christ (AFC).

Bible Equipping Seminar and Training (BEST)

Soteriology Lecture

This is the 5th session of the Bible Equipping Seminar and Training (BEST). The first four sessions were focused on Theism and Biblical Anthropology. This session’s subject is Soteriology. The topics covered from Knowing the Saviour and the doctrines of salvation, which is the five points of Calvinism. The discussion of the TULIP doctrine raised many questions and discussions as fundamental Baptists agree only in 3 or 4 points of the doctrine. Particularly the points on “Limited Atonement” and “Irresistible Grace” started a lengthy discussion.

The seminar and training was still held in Continuing Education Center, Central Mindanao University, Musuan, Bukidnon, Philippines. The classes started on March 12 until the 15th which included the final examination paper. There were 31 village pastors who attended and 30 of them took the final examinations and submitted their requirements. The highlight of their classes was the presentation of their group project which was about making a Cebuano Gospel tract. An hour of presentation of their works revealed the different approaches to presenting the gospel to show to a person the need of the Saviour.

Gospel tract project presentation

Unique to this 5th session was the evangelism time. On Tuesday afternoon (March 13), Pastors went around the University Campus to evangelize to the students. Praise the Lord for the freedom to distribute gospel tracts inside the school premises. Thank God also for the open door for students to receive the tracts and listen to the sharing of the pastors. The Lord also provided a nice weather for the pastors to freely go around.

Spiritual as well as material blessings!

During the classes, there were many burdens raised concerning church leaders and members who claim to have assurance of salvation and yet live in immoral and wicked ways. This led us to have a time of prayer entrusting every burden of each pastor towards God. It was a blessed time of corporate prayer and thanksgiving unto the Lord. Aside from the spiritual blessings they also received material blessings from Singapore brethren!

The attendance was expected to be low this session. There was already a warning from the different zone groups under the Association of Fundamental Baptist Churches in the Philippines (AFBCP) to “disfellowship” those who attend BEST. Thank God they still came and studied the Word of God.

There are four churches under the pastors taking BEST which will host a Vacation Bible School (VBS) this May 2018. Thank God for the privilege of visiting these churches to see the area for the VBS. I personally saw the plight of these small churches. Thank God for the grace given to these village pastors to endure the hardships so they can continue to preach and teach the Word of God.

The next session will be in June to continue the lectures on Soteriology. Please continue to pray as pastors await the decision of AFBCP whether their warnings will be implemented against village pastors who attended BEST. The Lord continue to grant zeal and boldness as they serve and labour for Him.

Ambassadors for Christ (AFC)

A few pastors who are currently under BEST organized themselves to help each other’s churches in reaching out their localities with the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. Every month they schedule 1 or 2 churches to visit and assist in evangelizing the whole village for Christ. Last January 24–26, 2018 they visited two churches in one of the farthest towns of the province of Bukidnon. Baungon is a municipality located at the foot of the highest mountain range in Bukidnon, the Mt Kitanglad range. On February 28–March 1, 2018, AFC helped a church in Bugwak, Dancagan, Bukidon. They are scheduled to help a pioneering work in Osmeña, Dancagan, Bukidnon and step on a neighboring province of Misamis Oriental next month. They need support for their travelling and food expenses. Thank God for the provision to help this ministry. I pray FilBF can pledge to extend 100 SGD per month to support this very important work. – Bro Jose.

Ambassadors for Christ (AFC) – Soul winning

Jesus still leads on… ’till the rest be won!

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