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Dear Brethren and Friends,

Welcome to the Filipino Bible Fellowship!

True Life Bible-Presbyterian Church (TLBPC) is indeed a great blessing from the Lord our God towards the Filipinos. Not only does God use this church to start and support a Filipino ministry here in Singapore, but He has also been extending great help to the brethren in Philippines. One of these is the scholarships given to those who are taking online courses in Far Eastern Bible College (FEBC).

Through the teachings they receive from FEBC, the Lord uses them to serve in some churches and other ministries such as the university campus. Dr Einstine Opiso is an assistant professor in the College of Engineering, Central Mindanao University (CMU), Musuan, Bukidnon, is currently an online student of FEBC and serving as Faculty Adviser of the Christian Students’ Fellowship (CSF) in Central Mindanao University. CSF is a campus ministry for CMU students from fundamental churches as well as reaching out the campus for Christ. He also preaches once a month in a nearby village church. Prof Patria Solidum who is to graduate this May with a Certificate in Religious Knowledge from FEBC through online studies was also the adviser of CSF before she retired from the University.

A former member of CSF who is now a working in the Provincial Agriculture Office, Bukidnon is also studying online in FEBC. He preaches in his home church and as well as other fundamental Baptist churches. Praise the Lord that he is back in CSF but this time as a speaker during the fellowship’s “Love and Courtship Seminar.” Thank God, Deneb used the lessons learned from FEBC online course by meditating on God’s Word through Rev Tow’s book on “The Sevenfold Will of God.”

We continue to pray that they will put to good use the knowledge they have learned from their online studies. For some of us who are interested to know more about the online course in FEBC, please see me. – Bro Jose

Christian Students’ Fellowship (CSF) – Love and Courtship Seminar
by Dr Einstine Opiso

Dr Opiso with Engr Ganancial

Every second month of the year, the Central Mindanao University Christian Student’s Fellowship (CSF) ministry holds the “Love and Courtship Seminar” which tells about the biblical context of love, the believer’s way of courtship and the significance of marriage.

This year’s seminar was held last February 15, 2018 at the Farmers Training Center (FTC) and started at 5:30 in the afternoon to 9:00 in the evening. The theme was “Trust in the LORD with all thine heart” taken from Proverbs 3:5. Engr Deneb Joel Ganancial was the speaker (Deneb is currently working at the Provincial Agriculture Office of Bukidnon and is an online student of the Far Eastern Bible College (FEBC) under the scholarship of True Life Bible Presbyterian Church).

The program started first with a singspiration conducted by Ferdinand Bascones Jr., followed by a Bible math game led by Christy Babe Piston. Madame Nellie Lastimosa, one of the CSF advisers, gave the welcome address. The CSF members then rendered a special number.

In line with the theme, the speaker focused on the lesson of knowing the Will of God in our personal lives where he mentioned the Sevenfold Will of God and elaborated three out of seven. The first is the Perceptive Will of God wherein he stated from Proverbs 3:5 that says”…lean not thy own understanding” He said that knowing God’s Word is a prerequisite of knowing God’s Will and that God’s precepts and commandments are in his word. He has given importance also to trust, which can be found in the book of Psalms 118:8 “It is better to trust in the LORD than to put confidence in man” and Proverbs 3:5 “Trust in the LORD with all thine heart.” He gave the significance of the name LORD (Jehovah) the covenant name of God. On the question, “What are the precepts of God in choosing our lifetime partner?” The answers are: first, marry only a believer and second, marriage is a divine institution which involves covenant relationship that is meant to be permanent. The second is the Directive Will of God where we must acknowledge God as what Proverbs 3:6 says, “In all thy ways acknowledge him…” and that we must trust everything to God. We must acknowledge that God has the supreme and final authority in our lives. The third is the Cooperative Will of God and that “Self-help with God’s help is the best help.” He ended his message by saying, “Wait patiently for our God is a perfect matchmaker.”

Personal Testimony of Salvation – Havaña Genalyn Gabales

Gezra (daughter), Genalyn and beloved husband, Randy

In John 3:16, the Lord Jesus says, “For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.”

Firstly, I want to thank Brother Jude Gabales and all the members of Filipino Bible Fellowship for inviting me and my sister to join this Bible fellowship every Sunday. I thank God for everything in my life. All the trials, obstacles, burdens, pains that I experience in life were overcome because of His guidance and love.

To live in this world is not that easy. I need to be strong. Because of this need, I learned to surrender all my worries to Him. God is good all the time. My life may not be perfect but I am blessed by God. Sometimes I feel down but when I pray, God makes me feel better. I know I have to trust and surrender my life, and everything to the Lord for without God in my life, I am nothing. Amen.

Dr Einstine Opiso welcomes the students both members and guests of the Christian Students’ Fellowship (CSF) seminar in CMU, Musuan, Bukidnon

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