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Dear Brethren and Friends,

Welcome to the Filipino Bible Fellowship!

I encourage you to read and reflect upon the weekly articles in our bulletin. These are good teachings, testimonies and reports of the work of the Lord. If you do not have time to do it here, please bring back to your homes and read. You can also use our bulletin to invite others by giving it to your friends. I pray you will become part of God’s amazing work in saving the lost.

Today’s article pricked my heart as I prepared this for our family Bible study. I am compelled to write it in an article format for our bulletin today as I thought it would be good for all of us! May the Lord work in your hearts and convict us to value much the Word of God in our lives. Let the Holy Spirit speak to you as you meditate on this portion of the Scripture.– Bro Jose


What is the most valuable possession you dream to have? A house? Jewelries? An iPhone X? What motivates you to save money just to acquire it? What causes you to work hard and earn more so you can own it?

We surely have varied answers depending on our own preferences. Some require a few hundred thousand pesos while others require less. Nonetheless, each one of us has wishes that we pursue after.

The Bible commands every Christian to desire after a possession far greater than any material goods on this earth. Proverbs 23:23 says, “Buy the truth, and sell it not; also wisdom, and instruction, and understanding.” It charges us to acquire the truth and to never give it up!

Buy the Truth!

The Hebrew word “truth” describes firmness or faithfulness. It provides stability and reliability. It is the source of peace and security. From the context of this verse, the truth refers to the Word of God. Jesus prayed to the Father, “sanctify them through thy truth: thy word is truth” (John 17:17).

This proverb commands us to buy the truth. This does not suggest buying a Bible. It challenges us to acquire the knowledge of the scriptures. It is termed “buy” for it costs a person to possess. It means that in order for a person to have the knowledge of the truth he must invest for it. It requires his time, effort and resources in order to get wisdom, instruction and understanding of the truth. This shows that for a man to have it, he must spend something out of his own before he can get the truth.

Learning God’s Word does not come to us passively. One cannot just sit down and do nothing, and then suddenly you know many things! Even in schools, we have to pay fees, buy books and other costs. An active involvement is necessary to a person who desires to know God’s Word. In fact, he who is interested to learn should find time and use his resources to possess the knowledge of the truth. Some have to forego opportunities for extra income to be able to join a Bible study and get to know the Word of God. Others have to deny themselves of a promotion just to have more time in acquiring the greatest knowledge one can ever get. A few decide to leave their jobs in order to focus on studying God’s Word and be trained to full time ministry. These people know well that having the truth is of great significance because of the souls that benefit out of it. They see that the harvest in the vocation of sharing the truth surpasses whatever wealth and success this world can offer. The reward received in the teaching of God’s truth is a priceless gem that nothing can be equated. “More to be desired are they than gold, yea, than much fine gold: sweeter also than honey and the honeycomb. Moreover by them is thy servant warned: and in keeping of them there is great reward” (Psalm 19:10–11).

Sell It Not!

When the person possesses the truth, the writer of the proverbs again commands not to sell it. To sell is to give up one’s possession and pass it to another in exchange of a value or a favor. If a man bought something for his own and later thought it is no more of use, he can either give or sell it. This illustrates a man who does not need any more of that possession and therefore he is ready to dole it out to others. However, this should not be the case of the knowledge of God’s truth. The wisdom, instruction and understanding from God’s Word are so extraordinary and supernatural. Nothing in this world is worthy to compare its value. No one who truly understands the truth will think of throwing it out of his life. When a person hears God’s Word and by it, faith in Jesus Christ came and showed him the path into eternal life, no one in his right mind will dare to give it up. Those who did have not really seen the wonderful value of God’s Word.

What is Truth?

In truth is wisdom! Wisdom means an application of the understanding of a certain knowledge. However, heavenly wisdom is from the truth of God’s Word and is from the knowledge of God. Once a person knows God, he fears the Lord knowing of His terror and wrath upon sin. Since all are sinners, wisdom will usher a person to seek for the way God provides man’s forgiveness and be reconciled back to Him. The wisdom of God, by His grace, leads a person to believe in Jesus Christ as His Lord and Saviour. By faith, the wisdom of God assures man of eternal life rather than eternal condemnation in the Lake of Fire.

In truth is instruction! Instruction includes moral discipline and chastisement. It is likened to paternal discipline to a child who has gone wayward. The words of truth will instruct a person in the way he should go. Instruction is for those who have wisdom. They believe in the Lord Jesus Christ and by instruction, the Word will see them through. This involves rebuke, reproof and correction of the wicked and sinful things a Christian does. God’s Word points out and tells the believer what is wrong with him. Is it not a wonderful thing that we have this assurance not to go the wrong way because the truth will show us the way? It is like a man who is going to a new place for the first time. He does not want to lose the instruction given to him to reach his destination. To him, it is so valuable that even if he receives an offer of a great sum for it, he does not care. What he desires is to get to that right destination. Similarly, the Word of God is there to show us the right way to heaven. As believers, we are sure to get to heaven because of what the Lord Jesus Christ did for us, but we do not want to reach heaven full of scars and bandages because of the wrong turns and detours in life only because we failed to acquire instructions from the Word of God.

In truth is also understanding!  Understanding is both the act of doing a thing after one gets the idea and the faculty used to get acquainted of something. While wisdom leads us to believe in Jesus Christ and instruction keeps us in following Him, understanding is a gift of God to receive wisdom and know instruction. God’s gracious blessings are always there to those who want to buy the truth. Once he possesses the truth he does not have any other desire to replace it because he understands the preciousness of it. A man void of understanding may seem in a short period to have the truth but it will not last long. Sooner a man whose understanding is not from above will lose the love and interest of keeping wisdom and instruction and later sell them.

Do you have the truth? Are you buying it by investing your time, energy and even money in order to get it? If you have it already, please do not ever think of selling it or exchange with any material or temporal thing. The truth, which is the Word of God, is precious that nothing in this world is worthy of comparing. Let it be a part of your life, and to transform by it so that you will not only end up in heaven because of it, you will also bring others with you as you arrive there. “Happy is the man that findeth wisdom, and the man that getteth understanding. For the merchandise of it is better than the merchandise of silver, and the gain thereof than fine gold” (Proverbs 3:13–14) – Bro Jose

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